Shake Shack Korea

Hello, everybody! A few weeks ago, I went to Shake Shack for the first time with some friends. Let me share with you all what we ate! Continue reading


Fox & Goose

Hello, everybody! Two weeks ago, my friends and I went to grab dinner and catch up. My friend Zoilyn suggested a pub-style restaurant called Fox & Goose. It was my first time there, so naturally, I had to take some pictures! The food was so visually pleasing, so I have to share! Continue reading

A Day at the Farmers’ Market

Hello, everybody! It’s been so long since my last post! I’ve done a lot of cool things this past few weeks but haven’t had time to sit down and blog. I am taking two intense summer courses in writing and meteorology. Both cover four months worth of material in a five-week span, so you can probably imagine the workload I have been assigned to. I also just realized that I am on week four, so this is great! Anyways, I went to the farmers’ market with my mom two or three weeks ago, and I thought I would share some photos. I hope you like them! Continue reading

Fresh Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe

Hello, everybody! Summer heat brings with it a wave of fatigue, so what better way to combat that than with a delicious yet healthy meal? I’ll be sharing with you all a dish I really enjoy both making and eating: Vietnamese spring rolls! Continue reading

March/April 2017 Favorites

Hello, everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve done a favorites post. I didn’t have many new products to share with you all in the month of March, so I figured I would combine my favorites from the month of March and April into one post. Even with the two months combined, I didn’t really change any products in my beauty routine or try many new products so there aren’t many items in this post, but I hope you enjoy reading regardless. Let’s┬ádive right in!

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Easy Chicken Fajita Quesadilla Recipe

Hello, everybody! For those of you who don’t know, I used to work a part-time job teaching people how to make burritos and quesadillas. I wanted to share a quick post of my own quesadilla recipe since I love the convenience of this dish. I thought I shared this post with you all already, but turns out I never typed it up! Luckily, I found the pictures in my Google cloud. Today, I will be sharing an easy yet savory quesadilla recipe. Let’s get cooking!

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Spoon University + Chef’d Care Package

Hello, everybody! How are you today? I’m feeling quite happy because I got to open a huge package filled with food! Spoon University and Chef’d sent me a gigantic box full of snacks and drinks for me to try out for free! I’ve already opened up and tried a bunch of the stuff they sent me, and I thought I would share with you all which ones were my favorite! Continue reading

January/February 2017 Favorites

Hello everybody! Today, I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite things in the first two months of 2017. There are quite a few items on this list, so make yourself comfortable, and let’s do this!

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Spicy Asian Chicken Spinach Wrap

Hello everybody! I’m back with another recipe! Today, I’ll be sharing with you all a recipe I came up with recently. I’ve been trying to eat healthier in efforts to become more energetic and less fatigued. I finally went to the grocery store last week and was able to get a lot of healthy ingredients. I got a lot of fresh vegetables thinking that I could put some salads together, but when I got home, I realized that I did not pick up salad dressing! Lettuce, cheese, chicken, beets, etc. I picked up essentially everything else I needed except for that one crucial item. It was quite a stressful situation indeed, but did that stop me? No! I looked online to find simple salad dressing recipes only to realize that I did not have the ingredients the recipes were calling for. There was only one answer to a situation like this: experiment. And that is where the inspiration for today’s spicy Asian chicken spinach wrap came from! Now, without further ado, let’s get cooking!

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My European Food Journey

While these aren’t all necessarily European foods, here are some pictures of the foods I ate while in Europe this summer! Enjoy! Continue reading