Big Announcement Reveal

Hello everyone! Do you remember when I mentioned in a Face Mask Friday (blog post here) that I would be announcing some big news around April? Well, I received a few notifications earlier on Thursday, so I’m able to share the news with you all today: I’m going to Yonsei University! Continue reading


Locks of Love

Hello everybody! Yesterday, I cut off 20 inches of hair to donate to a public, non-profit organization called Locks of Love. This organization takes in hair donations to provideย wigs to children undergoing hair loss for medical reasons. As this was one of my New Year’s resolutions, I thought I would share the journey with you all. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Happy New Year, everybody! Can you believe it? It’s finally 2017! I, for one, actually think that this year whizzed passed us – even Christmas came and went. Anyways, you know how the saying goes: “new year, new me!” A big part of that is the resolutions we make at the start of the new year, so I thought I would share with you all some of mine. Continue reading

Three Fourths Shop & Haul

Hey there! Long time no blog! Sorry for the hiatus, but I’m back!

Today, my friend Tim drove my other friend Kyle and I to Arden Fair Mall. Tim needed to get his MacBook repaired, but since he was going to the Apple Store in the Mall anyways, why not bring some of his friends along, right? Originally, the plan was four of us going, but one had a last minute request from someone to take her to Napa for an event so she could not make it (hence the title “Three Fourths”). It was just the three of us, so we did her the favor of vlogging all the fun we had and that she missed out on (you’re welcome Zoilyn /insert winking face here). From Tim’s freestyle bar spitting in the car to the ever so magical Disney Store, we made sure to capture it all on Snapchat (if you’d like to follow my daily adventures on snapchat, my username is Lk891219). Continue reading