I’m switching over to self-hosted wordpress.org and what that means for you

Hi, friends! Just wanted to give you a quick heads up that I am in the process of switching my blog over from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. This means that current followers will have to refollow if you want to continue receiving notifications of new posts. I’m working on trying to migrate followers over to the new site, but the function seems to be down at this moment, so I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to do so. I would really appreciate it so much if you followed me over on my new blog as I’ve had the best time connecting with all my readers. Additionally, I’m switching my domain and blog name from loriboriii.com to tsukibori.com. This is because I’ve found a lot of people having trouble spelling my blog name, so I figured this might make things easier moving forward. With that said, I’ll be posting on my new blog from now on. I can’t wait to share all the exciting beauty products and travel plans I have, and I hope to reconnect with you all in my first post on my self-hosted blog!

Thanks for sticking around!


Link to new blog: tsukibori.com

Mitomo Uruuru Sake Essence Mask Review

Mitomo Uruuru Sake Essence Mask Review

Hello, friends! Yes, another face mask post haha. I’ve got a ton of these coming, and I apologize in advance for the lack of variety around here. I’ve just got a ton of these, and I want to make sure I have a chance to review each one before I use them up. Today’s sheet mask is another one from Mitomo, a Japanese brand.

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