Etude House AC Clean Up Pink Powder Mask Review

Hi, friends! It’s been a really long time since the last face mask review that wasn’t a sheet mask. I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts on the Etude House AC Clean Up Pink Powder Mask with you all, and I got an unwanted visitor that’s been living rent free near my chin since yesterday so I figured now would be a good time to show you how this mask performs.

Note to self: don’t keep sunscreen on for too long.

This mask has a very soft clay-like consistency. It spreads very easily as it is smooth for the most part with some small chunks that become apparent as you apply it to the face. It is quite cooling and has an herbal, tea tree scent to it.

I kept the mask on closer to 15 minute mark before removing with warm water. I like how this mask washes off easily; I don’t like having to tug and scrub my face to review clay masks, so an easy removal process is a definite plus for me!

Overall, I think this mask is really nice for calming the skin and reducing the appearance of spots. Of course, I don’t expect any product to completely remove all traces of acne in just 10-15 minutes, but I think this mask did a really nice job of minimizing the appearance of it. My spot looks smaller and feels less painful to the touch. I also like how it didn’t dry out the rest of my face even though I applied it all over. Many acne treatments work by drying out the skin, but my skin didn’t feel stripped of moisture when I washed this mask off. For that reason, I think this mask would not only be a good mask for those with lots of acne, but also great for those who don’t have frequent acne and want to use this once or twice a week to maintain their skin. When I was in Korea, my friend had a case of breakouts all over her face, so I let her use this mask. She really liked it and went to the store to check it out the next day (in case you wanted a second opinion!).

I hope you found this post helpful! I’ve been trying to work on improving my skin while I’m in quarantine. I can definitely see some improvement, but I still have some ways to go before I’ll be happy with it. Hoping to use up a lot of the face masks I’ve collected over the years, so stay tuned if you’d like to see more reviews on those!

Hope you all have a safe and happy week!


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