Mitomo Uruuru Rice Leaven Essence Mask

Hi, friends! I’m back at it again with another sheet mask post. We all love a good sheet mask around here, so let’s get started with this review of the Mitomo Uruuru Rice Leaven Essence Mask!

I bought this mask along with two others from the same brand at my local T.J. Maxx several months back. To my recollection, I had never bought a Japanese face mask before this, so I was curious to try them out.

Rice leaven, this mask’s key ingredient, is involved in the process of making rice wine. Rice has been used for generations upon generations as a skincare ingredient in Asia for its brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. I’m super excited for this mask because I’m hoping that because I absolutely love galactomyces, which is the bacteria involved in the fermentation process of rice wine, I will also like rice leaven, another ingredient involved in the brewing of rice wine.

This mask claims that the rice leaven provides rice protein, SOD, beta glucan, various B vitamins, and more. After doing some research, it appears that SOD stands for Superoxide Dismutase, which eliminates free radicals to protect the skin from oxidative damage. Beta glucan helps attract moisture to firm and plump the skin while also providing calming effects, and vitamin B is great for reducing hyper-pigmentation.

This mask has a very light bitter almond scent to it. I actually quite like bitter almond, which smells similar to maraschino cherries. It’s kinda of funny that I like it because I used to dislike maraschino cherries as a kid. I don’t mind them much anymore. But going back to bitter almond, I actually quite like the taste of marzipan! The scent is very light in this mask, and I didn’t find that it was extremely present or anything like that while I had it on.

The cutout wasn’t bad, but I did notice it was a little thin between the eyes.

The mask felt pleasantly cooling. Of course, this may have been due to the fact that I felt it in the fridge before use, but it also remained cool while I had it on my face. There are some masks that I’ll have kept in the fridge, but the cooling sensation disappears after the first couple minutes. This one wasn’t super chilling and maintained a pleasant cooling sensation the whole time.

After removing the mask and allowing my skin to absorb the remaining essence (which absorbed very quickly, I might add), I noticed my skin felt super smooth. My skin didn’t feel super plumped up, and I felt like my skin could use extra hydration, but I was happy with the result. My face was very soft and smooth. Plus, my pores appear a little smaller than before! Nothing super drastic and probably not as much as an actual pore tightening mask, but I feel like my pores appear slightly smaller and cleaner.

I think this is a nice everyday mask that would work super well before applying makeup. It really made my skin feel super smooth, and I think that would provide a nice base to apply makeup over. Plus, the essence absorbed super quickly and fully into the skin. Overall, I’m quite happy with this mask, and I’m glad I have a couple more in my fridge to use!

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

Lots of love,


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