SNP + W.DRESSROOM GentleGirl MaskPack No. 04 Dandy Boy Cellulose Sheet Mask Review

Honestly, what a mouthful of a name! Certainly doesn’t help that the name includes two brands as this product was made in collaboration. If you’re unfamiliar with SNP and W.DRESSROOM, SNP is a Korean skincare brand and W.DRESSROOM is a Korean fragrance brand. The collaboration between two brands really intrigued me, yet I couldn’t help but be slightly hesitant towards soaking my face with what I imagined would be heavy perfume. Sure, a lot of skincare products I enjoy include scents, so why would this be any different? I don’t know what to say other than for some reason, having a perfume brand highlighted as one of the appeals in this face mask slightly turned me off. Nevertheless, I gave it a go!

I thought the package design was a little dorky with the glasses and mustache character, especially since SNP and W.DRESSROOM both have a high class, elegant feel to the brands.

Anyways, here’s a photo of my skin before the mask so you can see what we are working with:


I was kind of surprised to see that this mask had glasses and a mustache printed on it just like the character on the outer packaging! I had never tried a sheet mask with an image printed on it, so this was fun!

This product claims to help against wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. It features cellulose, which is something I tend to quite enjoy with sheet masks. I thought it would be a thicker sheet because of the cellulose, but it was very much like a typical sheet mask. Some face masks come chock full of essence inside the package, but this one seemed a little “drier.” I say that in quotations because it wasn’t that this mask was actually dry, but rather, it didn’t have that thick, almost jelly-like essence that a lot of sheet masks tend to have. It just had a different consistency. The scent was also quite enjoyable! It wasn’t overbearing at all and was just the right amount. Oh, and the cutout wasn’t too bad either!

The above two photos are immediately after removing the mask and the one below is after I let the essence absorb into the skin.


I feel like this mask did a nice job of giving a gentle glow and brightness to the skin. I can’t say it’s the best in terms of improving elasticity and wrinkle care as I’ve tried better cellulose masks, but I can say this mask does live up to its claim of being gentle! When I put it on, it didn’t feel super shockingly cold nor did I feel my skin reacting to it. It was very gentle, and I think those with sensitive skin will enjoy this. The scent is also very light, so I don’t think it will be offensive to anyone unless you are extremely sensitive to scents and cannot do scents at all. All in all, I don’t see myself buying this in the future simply because I like my face masks a little more “extreme,” but I think those with sensitive skin looking for a gentle, everyday sort of face mask will enjoy it!

Hope you had a good time reading this review! I organized my sheet mask collection yesterday and sorted one of each into a separate bag so I know which ones I need to do a review of. Honestly, I was so shocked at the amount of sheet masks I accumulated over the last couple of years. I think I have around 150 in total… What happened? How did it get this out of control? I’ve been sorting through my skincare and makeup collection trying to use up as much as I can before leaving for Japan so I don’t have to haul as much over. I’m kind of embarrassed my collection got this out of hand aha…

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great day today! It’s really crazy with all this coronavirus madness happening, but please stay safe and stay inside if you can! If we all work together, we can speed up the process! Lots of love and prayers for everyone!!


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