Why I’m Never Using Poshmark Ever Again

OK, I’ll be upfront about it. This is going to be a rant. I’m super frustrated right now because I spent the whole day yesterday taking photos, listing items, and communicating with potential buyers. I also spent today printing shipping labels, making handwritten thank you cards, adding free items to orders, and packaging them. I literally did all this work to find out Poshmark potentially suspended my account. I say potentially because I didn’t receive an email that my account was being suspended; Poshmark just removed all 71 of my listings off my store page. I can’t access the bundles potential buyers have made because it just shows up as no items. I also can’t post new listings. I’m so frustrated because I spend wasted so much time, energy, and resources preparing these packages only for my account to be suspended for literally no reason.

I’m also upset thinking about how the customers who did place an order won’t be receiving their packages. I’m sure they were looking forward to receiving new makeup goodies, but now, they will be expecting a package and become angry when they don’t receive it. I’m thinking about selling elsewhere, but now I’ve lost the trust of customers who purchased from me on Poshmark. They’re going to think I’m scamming people when that’s not the case at all. I have no way of communicating with my customers since Poshmark won’t let me post or see any comments.

And to be 100% real with you, the Poshmark selling fees are kind of wack. Shipping is already over $7 USD, so sellers need to price their items low enough for potential customers to be interested. However, sellers don’t make any profit until they sell at the $4 mark, which gives you a profit of $0.05 after deducting the Poshmark’s seller’s fees. This fee only increases as you sell at a higher price because the company takes 20% of the revenue. I mean, I understand that this is how Poshmark makes money, but let me put it this way: Let’s just say shipping is $7 even though it’s a few cents more. You have a product that retails for $60. You can’t sell it at $60 because, obviously, then the potential customers would buy through actual retailers. You need to price it at least $7 less than the retail price because of the shipping, and, again, customers would just buy it through retailers if it comes out to the same price including shipping fees. You need to subtract that $7 plus offer a substantial discount on the product for customers to even consider it. Then, you need to subtract Poshmark’s fees. Let’s say you sell this item at $40. The 20% seller’s fee equals $8, giving you a profit of only $32. OK, that sucks compared to the $60 you spent on the item but it’s expected that you are reselling at cost. $32 sucks but it’s not horrible. However, if you’re trying to sell an item that has a retail value of less than $15, big oof. Good luck because seller’s fees are going to come out to more than 20%, my friend.

Honestly, I just wanted to sell a large chunk of my makeup collection since I’m leaving for Japan soon. I buy products to review but don’t end up reaching for them after reviewing. I also have a lot of brand new items that I just never got around to using, and, now I don’t care to try them anymore. I can’t take all of it with me overseas, and it wouldn’t do anyone any good for it to just sit there back home. I love collecting makeup, but I also need to save up for my first month in Japan since I won’t be getting paid until the end of the month. I figured this would be a good way to collect some savings while minimizing the amount of things I need to pack away. The whole Poshmark situation just has me really frustrated, and I’ve kind of lost motivation to start all of this over again. I’m just sort of glad I hadn’t shipped any packages out before Poshmark suspended my account or else I would have lost both the products and income. Just upset that I wasted lots of time and resources packaging all the orders.

Well, there you have it. My gripes with Poshmark and why I’m never using its services ever again. Sorry about the negativity; I just needed to vent out my emotions and thought this might be helpful if any of you were also thinking about selling on Poshmark. I’m curious to know if anyone else here has experienced this kind of thing with either Poshmark or other selling platforms. I guess I’m also looking to sell elsewhere if anyone has any recommendations on where to sell.

Thanks for letting me rant, and again, I apologize for the negativity! I’m just super confused as to why my account was suspended without warning since I haven’t done anything to warrant a suspension. Hoping someone who has experience selling on Poshmark can share their thoughts!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your evening!

SNP + W.DRESSROOM GentleGirl MaskPack No. 04 Dandy Boy Cellulose Sheet Mask Review

SNP + W.DRESSROOM GentleGirl MaskPack No. 04 Dandy Boy Cellulose Sheet Mask Review

Honestly, what a mouthful of a name! Certainly doesn’t help that the name includes two brands as this product was made in collaboration. If you’re unfamiliar with SNP and W.DRESSROOM, SNP is a Korean skincare brand and W.DRESSROOM is a Korean fragrance brand. The collaboration between two brands really intrigued me, yet I couldn’t help but be slightly hesitant towards soaking my face with what I imagined would be heavy perfume. Sure, a lot of skincare products I enjoy include scents, so why would this be any different? I don’t know what to say other than for some reason, having a perfume brand highlighted as one of the appeals in this face mask slightly turned me off. Nevertheless, I gave it a go!

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AHH!!!! I cannot believe it! I made the shortlist for the JET Program!!!! I’m so happy that I cannot process my emotions right now. OMG. AH. EEP. I can’t believe it’s already been like a year and half since I’ve started preparing for this job (not including the many years building teaching experience), and now I made it. Wow.

It’s so funny how just a while ago, I was such a nervous wreck, constantly checking Reddit forums and refreshing my email inbox every five minutes (I kid you not when I say every five minutes) and now I’m so elated and relieved knowing that I was worried for nothing. I’m in! My dad’s pretty sad about it though. I’m sure he is happy that I’m living my dream right now, but he’s bittersweet about it because he doesn’t want me to be apart from him. I keep telling him I’ll send him an airplane ticket to visit me, but he keeps sulking and pouting haha.

I met a really nice girl in San Francisco during the interviews, and I was just informed that she wasn’t accepted into the program but that she was accepted into a master’s program so she would have gone that route regardless of the JET Program outcome. I’m glad things worked out well for the both of us. I was really looking forward to having a fellow JET Program friend, but I’m so happy for her!

On that note, if you are also going to Japan as part of the JET Program (or will be living in Japan for other reasons such as study abroad), I’d love to be friends! Feel free to reach out to me on my blog or through Instagram (@Loriboriii). Congrats, by the way, if you were also accepted into the program, a different job, or a study abroad program!

AHHHH. OK, I’m going to continue to try and process my emotions now. EEP. OK. There’s just so much to do now. I really need to amp up my Japanese language abilities now. AH. OK, I’ll stop spewing my crazy emotions out on the keyboard now. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to talking to you all again soon (I’ve been trying to use up my skincare collection in anticipation of hopefully moving to Japan, so expect a lot of fun skincare and face mask posts!).

Love you all so so much! I’m going to go cry tears of joy now. Bye!