Dewytree Miracle Pore Minimizing Serum Review

Hello, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review on the blog. I reviewed this a long time ago, but I never got around to uploading the photos and typing out the post. I’m now getting to it, but better late than never, right?

I actually tested this product out right after a sheet mask review, so you’ll see the post-mask photo from that review as the “before” photo for this one.

This product claims a “synergy effect of deeply absorbed hyaluronic acid and vitamin A precursor” and that it is a “pore-minimizing serum for tightening pore care.” The outer box packaging highlights three ingredients: liposomized hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) to provide moisture to dry skin and enlarged pores effectively, vitamin A precursor (beta-carotene) to tighten sagging pores, and tea tree for refreshing and clean tea tree energy. The directions simply say to “apply appropriate amount and smoothly apply it to the face.”

One bottle contains 30 grams, or 1.05 oz. It’s made out of heavy glass and has a dropper for easy and sanitary dispensing of the product. The heavy glass gives the product a nice, quality feel.

When dispensing the product using the dropper, the serum feels quite thick, but when applied to the skin, the thick serum spreads out super easily as if it’s water. I’m not sure how the science works, but I like that it spreads easily and that you don’t need a lot to cover your entire face.

I typically don’t like tea tree products because I feel tea tree is just too drying and has a very strong scent. This product, however, doesn’t feel like that. It feels well-balanced, and I’ve been enjoying incorporating this into my skincare routine. It also seems to provide results as you can see in the side-by-side comparison photos below:

Can you tell the difference? I certainly can. My pores (and fine lines even!) look noticeably smoother in the “after” photo even with just one use. A product that smooths pores and feels like nothing on the skin? I’m sold.

What do you think about this product? Personally, I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Anyways, I hope you found this review helpful to you in some way! I’ll see you next time!


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