Why I’m Canceling My BoxyCharm Subscription

Hi, friends! You may have noticed I haven’t posted a lot of BoxyCharm related content lately. I subscribed to a six-month BoxyCharm subscription back in October (my first box was sent out November) as well as the newer premium box in more recent months, but I will be canceling all BoxyCharm subcriptions by the end of my six-month subscription period. There are two main reasons for doing this: one is overconsumerism and the other is the recent scandal that BoxyCharm has been caught up in.

Since subscribing to BoxyCharm, I’ve been enjoying trying out new products, but I’ve also been overwhelmed by the sheer number of products I have on hand. Don’t get me wrong; I love collecting makeup, but when you also accumulate a large collection of products you’re just not interested in, it just seems really wasteful. Additionally, since I’m getting multiple products on a monthly basis, I accumulate products on a much faster rate than when I buy the products individually. It becomes a lot to handle all at once, especially because there are a lot of products I just don’t care about. Granted, I’m getting a great deal price-wise compared to buying the products individually, but the accumulation of all these products is becoming too overwhelming, especially when I’m in the midst of trying to declutter.

Speaking of great deals, although BoxyCharm offers a variety of products for only $25 a month, it’s not worth it at all for me if those products are counterfeit. BoxyCharm has been under fire for accusations of not only curating boxes filled with unregulated, cheaply manufactured beauty products but also for including counterfeit versions of brand name makeup. Counterfeit makeup is not only dangerous, but it’s not why I bought the box in the first place. Many people say the purpose of a subscription box is to try new products and brands, which may be true, but my reason for purchasing BoxyCharm was to also to get good deals on makeup brands I was already interested in. If I’m getting counterfeit products, then that defeats my purpose in purchasing BoxyCharm. I will say I love having access to BoxyPopUp because I’ve gotten pretty sweet deals on a lot of products there; however, if the products in the boxes are fake, then the ones from BoxyPopUp are probably fake as well. Again, it’s not worth buying fake makeup no matter how cheap it is.

Furthermore, another reason I will be canceling my subscription to BoxyCharm is that BoxyCharm is terrible at communication. I have yet to receive a BoxyPopUp notification or email saying it is now open or what time it will open. That means I’m constantly checking the website all day to make sure I can snag deals before the products sell out. I also didn’t get an email saying my BoxyCharm choice window was open or when it would open for the March box. Communication is just really inconsistent, which has been one frustration I’ve experienced since subscribing.

It started out with being too overwhelmed from having so many products, let alone products I’m simply not interested in and therefore do not use, and then the scandal came out that just reinforced my decision to cancel. I’m curious to see how BoxyCharm bounces back from this scandal though. What are your thoughts on subscription boxes and the whole BoxyCharm ordeal?

Looking forward to chatting with you all again soon!


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