Meet My Dog, Maeumi!

Hi, friends! Today’s post is going to be really short, but don’t worry! I’ll be posting double tomorrow to make up for this short post. I had a Christmas work party I just came back home from, and I meant to share that for today’s post, but I just had so much fun with my coworkers that I forgot to take any photos! Instead, I hope you enjoy these cute photos of my dog, Maeumi!

Maeumi (Maeum) is actually Korean for the word “heart/feelings.” We named her after the Korean movie of the same name (it’s a really touching dog story! I recommend you watch it, but prepare your heart!). It’s actually the perfect name for her because out of the three dogs my family and I have raised, she is the most sensitive and affectionate. She has such a kind soul, and I love her so much.

Maeumi is almost nine years old and is a miniature schnauzer. Well, her mom was a regular schnauzer and her dad was a mini, so she’s actually in between. She’s larger than a mini but definitely not as big as a regular. She is all white, but her fur appears slightly brown in some parts due to staining. She is very playful and loves stuffed animals. She also loves to chase squirrels. She can do a variety of tricks including acting shy, spinning around while only on her hind legs, and playing dead. Her favorite foods include watermelon, sweet potato, and surprisingly and most recently, dried squid. She will do anything for yummy num nums, including acting out all the tricks she knows without any command. Unfortunately, she experienced some trauma about two years ago when some burglars entered our old home and physically attacked her while she was home alone. We suspect that they locked her in a closet after kicking her in there. Ever since the incident, she’s been very sensitive to the slightest sounds and is very wary of strangers. However, she has been doing a lot better as time has passed. She is still working on overcoming her trauma, but she is strong!

I hope you liked meeting my dog, Maeumi! She is the biggest sweetheart in the world, and I love her so very much. I apologize that today’s post is short and last minute, but I’ll make it up to you all with two posts tomorrow! Love you all lots!

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