How to Restore Old Makeup Using Tape

Hello, friends! It is now day 19 of blogmas, which means we have less than one week before Christmas! How exciting is this? I thought I would kind of switch things up a bit today and do a little tutorial on how to restore your old powder products such as eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, and other pressed powders. Have you ever had the issue of your pressed powder products oxidizing or developing some sort of hardened barrier layer preventing you from being able to get a lot of product on your brush? This has happened to me so many times, and it can be frustrating to know there is product in the compact or palette but I am unable to use it because of this hardened layer. There is actually a way to save your makeup from this, and it will make all the difference in color payoff.

This trick is actually really simple, and you robably already have the one thing you need to do this at home: tape. All you do is take a piece of tape, lay it over the area with the hardened layer, pressed down firmly to adhere the tape to the pressed powder, and remove the tape. Yes, it’s that simple. The tape will adhere to the hardened layer, pulling it off when you remove the tape and revealing fresh product underneath. It’s honestly the easiest, simplest trick, but boy, does it make a huge difference. For the longest time, I could not use the shade Trick in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette because it had oxidized and developed a hardened layer; I couldn’t get the product on my brush. It was unfortunate because it was one of the key shimmer shades in the palette. I used tape to restore it, and the fresh product underneath now loads on to my brush with ease. This one trick really saved a lot of my old, previously unusable pressed powder products without scraping off and wasting a bunch of product.

It may be a little hard to tell in the photos above, but the left picture shows the old makeup with the hardened layer and the right shows the restored version. It may be a little hard to tell because the tape removes just enough product to where it’s mostly just the hardened layer that is gone. If you take a close look though, you’ll see that there is indeed a difference, and you’ll definitely experience it if you use this trick to restore your old makeup as well.

Something a little different today, but I hope you all liked it! I hope this tape trick helps you as much as it helped me! See you all tomorrow for day 20 (eep!) of blogmas!

Lots of love,

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