Colourpop X Disney Frozen II Anna Full Collection + Swatches

Hi, friends! How have you all been? Can you believe it’s already day sixteen of blogmas? Time is going so slow yet so fast. I’m finally starting to feel like it’s the Christmas season with all the beautiful lights around my neighborhood. I’ve noticed a lot of delivery trucks in my neighborhood, too. Please remember to show patience, care, and love to all the package deliverers, warehouse workers, customer service teams, and retail employees during this holiday season because this probably the most stressful time for those in the retail industry. They are working diligently to get everyone’s holiday orders out and doing their best. Please remember that they are experiencing a much higher volume of orders and that delays are to be expected. I know the team at Colourpop is experiencing a heavy volume of orders at this time and trying to fulfill everyone’s orders from its incredible Black Friday sale. I ordered many products during said sale, and I’m so happy to have finally received both my packages! Here I have the entire Colourpop x Disney Frozen II Anna collection to share with you all!

Ok, just off the bat, the package design of the box is just so cute. I love the little bow detail that gives off total Disney princess vibes. I would love to reuse this box as a jewelry box or something similar. Maybe to hold my hair accessories?

Also, can we talk about the portrait of Anna that graces the cover of the box and palette? Absolutely gorgeous. I also love the diffused watercolor effect. Huge props to the artist!

Front of palette

This nine pan palette is constructed from cardboard and includes a nice mirror inside.

Anna shadow palette

Below are the swatches of the nine pan shadow palette. All swatches are on bare skin (no primer) with the exception of the shade Arendelle, which was applied over glitter glue. Please note that the shade Arendelle is a pressed glitter that is not safe for use on the immediate eye area. Many people have expressed their disdain over Colourpop including pressed glitters in its eyeshadow palettes, so I thought I would mention it in case this is something that bothers you and would make you reconsider purchasing this palette.

Swatches of Anna shadow palette

As for the quality and texture of the shadows in this palette, they feel different from other Colourpop eyeshadows. The mattes feel slightly more powdery (but not chalky at all!) in the sense that I find other Colourpop matte shadows kind of “melt” into the skin. I’m not sure how to describe this, but I feel like the shadows in this palette, especially the dark purple shade Autumn Breeze, feel a lot like Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows in that it feels like a powder eyeshadow that binds really well. Anastasia Beverly Hills makes my favorite eyeshadow texture, so that’s saying a lot! All the shadows in this palette have incredible pigmentation and quality. Before swatching, I liked Warm Hugs the best in terms of color, but after swatching all the colors, I cannot decide which one I like the most. All the shades in this palette come together to make a cohesive, beautiful color story. The pressed glitter looks really cool in the pan, but after swatching the palette, I think I prefer the gold Earth shadow over the pressed glitter.

Up next are the lip products. This collection comes with two lip products: a lipstick and a gloss. The lipstick is a creme lux lipstick in the shade Going North and is described as a creme chestnut. The gloss is an ultra glossy lip in the shade Free Spirit that is described as a peachy apricot gloss.

Free Spirit ultra glossy lip
Going North creme lux lipstick (blended and full) and Free Spirit ultra glossy lip
Waterfall glitter gel

Last but not least, we have a glitter gel pot in the shade Waterfall that is described as a warm gold glitter with copper accents. This is a really cool product that makes applying and removing glitter really easy. However, as per the photo below, do note that this glitter gel is more chunky in texture compared to the pressed glitter in the pan. Both are really cool glitters with different effects.

And that’s everything in the Colourpop x Disney Frozen II Anna collection! The color scheme of this collection learns very warm and autumnal, but I think it can be used for any season of the year. If you only get one thing from this collection, get the eyeshadow palette as the colors are so gorgeous and the formula is amazing. I’m so happy I got this set. I’m really hoping to also get the Elsa collection as well, but I’ll probably just get the palette since I’m not that into the cooler lip colors. I want the box for the beautiful artwork though, so we will see what happens. I just hope it doesn’t sell out anytime soon!

Thanks so much for joining me today, and I’ll see you all for tomorrow’s blogmas post! I’m going to the aquarium tomorrow, so get ready for cute critters and fishies!

Oh, before I go, I just wanted to announce my makeup Instagram page @exclusivelybori. I posted for the first time today, and I would appreciate it so much if you would take the time to check it out and show your love and support! Thank you!

Until tomorrow,

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