Finally a Foundation Match? [Sephora Haul]

Hi, friends! I had originally meant to share my experience going to a Sephora in-house event today, but when I went to the event location, there was no event going on. I don’t really know what happened. Did Sephora cancel the event or change the location? Did I get the date wrong? I’m not sure, but there was no event and there weren’t even that many people in the store. I thought it was going to be a really cool event since we had to RSVP, and I was looking forward to sharing my experience with you all. Well, it didn’t happen, but since I was at Sephora anyways, I decided take a stroll through all the wonderful aisles.

I actually went to the mall because I needed to get my friend a graduation gift since her commencement is in three days. I had the idea of going to Build-a-Bear Workshop to make a stuffed animal dressed in graduation robes and including a personalized voice recording congratulating her on her success and how great it’s been going through middle and high school together, and now even graduating from the same university. However, when I went to the store, there were no graduation robes for sale. I then needed to come up with a new graduation gift idea, which I eventually just decided to go with makeup. I really wanted to get something personalized and special that correlated to her graduation, but I couldn’t really think of anything that I would be able to get within the next few days. I got her the Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy palette for her grad gift as well as a Melted Matte liquid lipstick in Gingerbread Man from the same brand for her Christmas gift. I don’t think I’ll be seeing her again after her commencement ceremony until the new year, so I figured I’d give her both gifts at the same time.

Now, I really wanted the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette, but I told myself to wait until next year’s Black Friday. Instead, I picked up two Sephora Collection foundations. To be completely honest, I don’t think I would have ever bought this foundation had it not been for a sample I received a long time ago (hello, marketing degree and understanding the importance of samples!). I went through a sample purge a few weeks ago as I was decluttering my makeup. I wanted to keep the samples I would actually make use of when I travel and give the rest to another friend. My other friend, however, has much fairer skin than I do, so she would have no use for my foundation and concealer samples that were mostly in the medium skin tone range. I couldn’t use them as part of my makeup either because most of the samples were cool-toned. I figured I might as well try them even though the color wouldn’t match just to see the finish of each. I actually had no expectations for the Sephora Collection 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation, but wow, was I amazed. It didn’t settle into the fine lines on the back of my hand like other foundations do, and for that reason alone, I was impressed with it. I thought about buying it online, so I looked up the shade that best described my skin tone which was “24 Medium Honey (Y).” Honey is described as for light-medium skin with yellow undertones. I was hesitant about ordering though because I find that foundations with the name “Honey” tend to be very peachy. I decided I would wait to buy in store after swatching it. I tried it today, and the color was looked really good! I was so impressed since I have a hard time finding something that matches my skin since it’s light medium with yellow undertones and some level of rosiness but not enough to be considered neutral. I’ve had a hard time finding my perfect foundation shade, but I think I found it with this one! I still have to try it all over my face and do a wear test to see if I still like, but I’ll keep you all updated! I wanted to get another liquid foundation to try out, but I was afraid the color wouldn’t match, so I bought the Matte Perfection Powder Foundation also from the Sephora Collection to add another layer of coverage. There was no shade “Honey” in the powder foundation line, so I just bought “24 Warm Beige” since it had the same number.

I’m so happy I found what I think could be my perfect foundation shade. I’m going to test them and share my updated thoughts with you all soon!

Thanks for joining me today! I will see all of you lovely, wonderful people for tomorrow’s post!

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