Colourpop Mar Palette Review + Swatches

Hi, friends! I am super excited to share this palette with you all because this is a palette I have been waiting months for it to restock. I really wanted to buy it during Colourpop’s big 30% off sale, but it was continuously out of stock. I almost gave up, but I checked one last time, and just like fate, there it was. I bought it right then and there, and I finally received it in the mail to play around with and share my thoughts with you all. This is definitely one swatches post you don’t want to miss, so check it out!


Okay, so just off the bat, the packaging is so cute. I love the blue contrasted with the white paired with the underwater themed font and design. For some reason, I love it a lot more than the other nine pan palettes I have from the same brand.


This is what the back looks like. It has all of the shade names listed on the sticker.

The shade names are also listed inside the palette underneath each pan.

When I first opened this palette, I was a bit disappointed because the colors looked a lot darker than the bright swatches I saw online. I was especially sad about the middle shade “Gridlock” because it looks so dark in the pan. It definitely does not look like the bright turquoise I saw online. I was also a bit disappointed with the top right shade “Detour” because it looked slightly more like a powdery blue in the pan. However, when swatched, the bright colors come alive. I was so incredibly relieved when the colors appeared even better than I imagined. I just love all the colors in this palette as I think they all come together in this beautiful and unique color story. I think my favorite shades have to be Gridlock, Detour, and El Rey. Boozy comes in real close as well. I feel like the blues in this palette are so beautiful and are the standout colors, and El Rey is the important supporting character that just boosts the blues to a whole new level. I still can’t get over how different Gridlock looks in the pan versus the swatch.

El Rey, Wild One, Boozy, My Way, HWY, Gridlock, Detour, Sorbet, Top Down (left to right)

When applied on the eyes with a brush, the mattes do soften up a bit. This can be good or bad depending on your vision for this palette and the color story. The soft mattes make blending easier but of course, this means that you’re going to have to work for it if you want super bold pigment. However, even when applied with a brush, the mattes still have good pigmentation. The shimmers, on the other hand, are still very pigmented even with a brush. Of course, applying with your fingers will pack it on best as with most shadows, but they still have that beautiful shine when applied using a brush.

I never thought I would say this, but I think the blues in this palette are quite wearable for them being blue mainly because the undertones aren’t super cool. The blues are also offset with warmer, more natural colors that help balance the look. This palette evokes images of tropical beaches in my mind, and I am absolutely here for it. I’m super excited to play around with this palette more!

I hope you all found this post helpful! I would love to hear your thoughts on this palette as well since I am so in love with the color story. Isn’t it just absolutely stunning? I would love to use the El Rey shade as a highlight too.

See you all for tomorrow’s post! Have a great rest of your day!

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