Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Mask Damask Rose Review

Hello, friends! Welcome back to the first Face Mask Friday post of December! As the weather is getting really cold here in California, I thought it would be good to focus on hydrating and moisturizing masks this month. The first mask we have is another from Etude House’s 0.2mm Therapy Air Mask line. Today’s sheet mask features Damask rose and is said to provide “fresh moisture,” which is something I definitely could use after the exfoliation I did just prior to using this face mask. It also claims to be a “daily low-irritant mask made of 0.2mm breathable air sheet [that] effectively delivers 7-free essence to your skin… containing Damask rose extract and niacinamide, a skin whitening agent, [to keep] skin moisturized for long hours by providing instant moisture and vitality to tired skin.”

Based on the description, I’m hoping this mask will provide a moisturizing and brightening effect. This mask is labeled as a water-type essence, which is what I prefer for sheet masks. I find that water-type essence sheet masks tend to better absorb into the skin, meaning it can be used as part of my morning skincare regimen without leaving my face feeling like an oily mess. When I opened the package and pulled out the sheet mask, it was dripping with essence. I always appreciate a sheet mask loaded with essence or serum because the excess can be used for other areas of your body such as your neck and hands.

To be completely honest with you all, I wasn’t really looking forward to using this face mask because I’m not the biggest fan of rose scents. I don’t mind it as much as I used to and enjoy it sometimes, but I was not looking forward to having my face and nose smothered in rose scented essence for twenty minutes. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this mask did not smell of roses whatsoever. In fact, there was barely a scent there. I was so happy to find that it didn’t smell of old granny soap.

The cutout of the mask was also great. It covered my entire face with minimal overlapping and managed to lay completely flat in the area between my eyes, which is where I find an issue with a lot of sheet masks, without causing a problem for the outer corners of the eyes. Additionally, my phone was able to use facial recognition to unlock while I had the mask on, so take that for what you will.

Immediately after mask removal before patting in essence

As you can see below, this mask provided a nice layer of moisture and gave my skin a nice little glow. It also absorbed quickly and left a bit of grip to the skin, which I think would work well as a base for foundation to stick to if you wish to use this before makeup. I can’t say much for the brightening/lightening aspect, but I think this mask is a nice, gentle product for when you just need that slight extra boost of hydration. I don’t think it’s the most moisturizing sheet mask out there, but I do think it lives up to its “fresh moisture” claim. It seems like it would be a good mask for those with sensitive skin who are just looking to add an extra layer of hydration.

Thanks for joining me for Face Mask Friday! See you all in the next one!

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