Hello, friends! A while back, I walked into a Daiso store with my friend to just browse the selection, only to leave with about $40 worth of goods in my hands. If you’ve never heard of Daiso, it’s essentially a Japanese “dollar store” that sells a variety of inexpensive but good quality products. Most items are priced at $1.50 here in the U.S., but some items are marked higher. Most of the items I bought were $1.50 with a few marked as $3. Daiso actually carries a lot of really nice products, so I couldn’t help but add a bunch of items to my basket.

I feel like even though the items are quite inexpensive at $1.50 for most items, the 50 cents really add up. Plus, because everything is so inexpensive, I end up adding a bunch of really unnecessary items to my basket. I actually held myself back from buying all of the pretty origami paper and craft sets on top of removing an item in my basket, and I still left spending nearly $40. I mean, I still bought a lot of things I don’t necessarily need, but I feel like I bought things I either was going to buy soon anyways or will actually make use of for the most part.

Some items that I was actually planning on buying anyways were some nail art tools. I picked up a glass nail file and a three-sided buffer. There were actually several different designs, but I thought these ones were quite pretty.

This next item was actually something I really didn’t need, but I had never seen double eyelid stickers this thin. When I’m really tired, my eyelids sometimes create a double crease, so I bought these to balance out the shape since usually it’s just one eyelid that ends up like that. I also added some cotton pads to my cart just to stock up.

These next items are also products I could live without, but I thought they would be handy for traveling. I bought two 50mL travel spray bottles to use for either toner, micellar cleansing water, or setting spray. There were other sizes, but I liked the sleek design of the 50mL bottles. I also purchased a 180mL bottle with a push pump that I thought would be nice for either toner or micellar water. My only gripe about the 180mL size is that it is not TSA approved, but I bought it anyways since that was the only size for the push pump container.

I’m currently on the lookout for the perfect large makeup bag, which I have yet to find, but I thought these clear pouches from Daiso were too cute to pass up. Shamefully, I ended up buying both colors since I couldn’t decide which I liked better. These pouches were actually $3 each. There were other designs with the same pouch shape as well as the same design on different pouch shapes, but I liked these the most. Aren’t they really cute?

These next two items are an inflatable neck pillow and a portable luggage scale. I bought the neck pillow for my mom since she had recently mentioned she wanted an inflatable neck pillow to take with her when she travels. The luggage scale I knew would be useful because I love traveling. I actually bought one before from a Daiso in South Korea, but I must have left it there before coming back home. This one looks a bit different from the one I bought in Korea and has an included measuring tape, which to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever use but it’s a nice additional feature!

Up next in my collection of impulse purchases are some of these Japanese Petit Block sets. I wanted to buy some for myself to play with, but I actually bought these with the intention of gifting them as stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Last but not least, I had to show my little doggo some love. I got her a squeaky toy that is soft in the middle but has harder rope and tags on the ends for her to tug. Maeumi, my dog, loves holding toys between her front paws as she chews, so I figured she would love the long shape of this. She loves undoing the rope knots, so I think it’s safe to say this purchase was a success!

I hope you enjoyed this Daiso haul! If you’ve ever been to a Daiso, what were some of your best finds? If you don’t have a Daiso near you, I’d still love to hear what some of your best dollar store finds were!

Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll see you all in the next one!
Until next time,

Edit: I don’t really know what happened to this post, but I am re-uploading it because it seems that it was erased and my old draft was saved instead. I don’t want to go back and rewrite everything, so I’ll stick to my old draft and just a few changes.