I Cannot Believe I Bought NARS Albatross for $3

Hi, friends! Yesterday, I got my hands on an incredible deal. Yes, I purchased the NARS highlighting blush in the shade “albatross” for only $3. I’m a long time lover of T.J. Maxx, which if you’re unfamiliar, is a discount store for fashion, beauty, home goods, etc. I’ve found some amazing deals at T.J. Maxx throughout the years, but none of them compare to what I found yesterday.

I actually owned NARS Albatross prior to my purchase yesterday, but the packaging is all old and messed up. NARS packaging looks really sleek and sophisticated, but it gets ruined pretty easily. The matte coating can wear down and become super sticky. That’s what happened to mine. I recently purchased a few NARS Pro Palettes to get rid of old and bulky packaging to consolidate my makeup collection. While trying to depot it from the compact, I accidentally cracked the product inside, so I had to break it down further and repress it into some magnetic eyeshadow pans. I knew my local T.J. Maxx carried NARS Albatross, but I resisted buying one because I knew I didn’t need it. I really just wanted a new one for the novelty of having it in the NARS original packaging. However, I found one in the clearance section labeled $3 so I knew I had to buy it. I was concerned that it would be cracked or someone had opened it up and swatched it (why do some people do this to non-tester products???), but to my surprise, it was in brand new condition. This is literally the best deal I’ve received at T.J. Maxx ever — and I thought buying 10 Papa Recipe sheet masks for $6 was a steal!

I also purchased the Kat Von D Alchemist palette for $9.99. I’ve wanted this palette since it came out, but I didn’t want to spend $32 on it as I heard that the pans were quite small. I actually had it in my Sephora online cart as it’s currently on sale for $16 on the Sephora website, but I was so lucky to find it for less at T.J. Maxx! I actually swatched the shades on my arm, and they were a little underwhelming to be honest. I’m glad I didn’t shell out $32 on this. I’m definitely going to have to try it wet to see if that will amplify the effect. I’m going to do a post comparing it to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild palette, so keep your eyes peeled! I know both those palettes are not really in season anymore, but I still want to do a comparison post just in case anyone is still interested.

There were other products I found at T.J. Maxx like a Papa Recipe charcoal face mask and the ABH Dream Glow Kit, but I successfully resisted! I was trying to find the Kaja Blur Drop Weightless Water Primer as I didn’t buy it last time since the store was about to close, but I think they sold out. Really sad about that since I wanted to try it out for the blog. Oh well! Hopefully they restock soon!

What are some of the best deals you’ve seen at your local T.J. Maxx or other discount store? Ya girl always loves hearing about a good deal, so let’s share in the comments! I love hearing from you all!

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

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