Hi, friends! I finally took the plunge and purchased the Nubian 2 palette from Juvia’s Place. I’ve held back on purchasing this for probably half a year now, but it’s finally mine!

This is what the outside of the palette looks like. It’s a standard cardboard palette with no mirror inside. I’m still unsure if I want to depot this into my Nars pro palette or if I should keep it in its original packaging. The only problem with depotting Juvia’s Place eyeshadows is that the pans are not responsive to magnets. I learned the hard way with my masquerade palette.

The colors inside this palette are simply gorgeous. There are a lot of non-natural shades in here, but they are rich and deep enough so that it doesn’t look like you have a bunch of crazy colors on your eyes. I feel like the colors serve very smoky sunset vibes with the orange, purples, and golds, and the palette provides fun pops of blue and green. The colors are incredibly pretty, and I can definitely see this as a great evening/girls’-night-at-the-club kind of palette.

Of the three Juvia’s Place palettes I purchased recently, the Nubian 2 palette is definitely the best one in terms of quality. All the shades in this palette have great pigmentation and are very smooth. I am also a fan of the color scheme as well, so this palette is a thumbs up in my books.

What do you think about the Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 palette? Are the colors in this palette something you’d go for?

I hope you all found this review and the swatches helpful!
Thanks for reading, and until next time,