Hello, friends! I recently reviewed the Uh-huh Honey palette from Colourpop, and today, I’ll be sharing my review and swatches of the Orange You Glad palette.

As I mentioned in the review for the Uh-huh Honey palette, the plastic packaging feels very cheap. However, as a $12 palette, I won’t complain too much about that. Another thing to note though is that there were visible scratches on the outside when I received it.

The palette, although there are orange shades, leans more towards a coral color story than pure orange due to the included pink shades.

All shades swatched on bare skin with the exception of the pressed glitter, which has glitter glue underneath.

While I mentioned that the mattes in the Uh-huh Honey palette feel hard and less pigmented, the mattes in this palette are just like the typical Colourpop eyeshadow. If you’ve never used Colourpop eyeshadows before, they are very pigmented and feel almost like they are oil-infused in that they melt into the skin. The shimmers in this palette are also quite nice. I think the two colors they included in this palette go quite well with the mattes. As for the pressed glitter, I absolutely love the color. It’s a very versatile color, but the one con, I would say, is that because it is a chunky glitter, it’s not exactly for everyday use. While I think the color of the pressed glitter is beautiful and perfect for an inner corner highlight, the fact that it’s in a chunky glitter format renders it unusable for that (the pressed glitters are not intended for immediate eye area use as the sharp edges of the plastic glitter can cut your eye. Use at your own discretion!). I wish there was that same shade in a regular, shimmer eyeshadow formula.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this palette monochromatic orange as the name suggests since it contains both orange and pink shades. Similar to my reaction with the Uh-huh Honey palette, it’s not exactly the punchy orange palette I was hoping it would be, but I think it’s nice that you can achieve both orange and coral looks with this palette, making it slightly more versatile.

Hopefully this review and the swatches helped you if you’re deciding whether or not to purchase this palette. It’s not an all-orange palette, but whether that’s good or bad is up to you to decide. Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time,