Hello, friends! If you read my August 2019 Favorites post, you might remember that I’ve been really into bright, colorful eyeshadow looks lately. I mentioned in that post that I have my eyes on the Colourpop Orange You Glad and Uh-huh Honey palettes, and guess what? I finally bought them! I also added a couple other items to my shopping cart that I’m really excited to try out and share with you all!

The first two palettes I got are the Orange You Glad and Uh-huh Honey palettes. The colors looked super bright and fun, and really just unlike anything I currently have in my collection. I’ve always wanted to try out a bright, punchy orange eye look, and I’ve been falling in love with bold yellow eye looks recently, so I’m super stoked to play around with these. However, I will say that the palettes look a bit more coral and mustard than the bright orange and vivid yellow I was expecting. Maybe on the eyes they will look different?

To complement the Orange You Glad palette, I also picked up a crème gel liner in the shade “puppy.” I think using this on the waterline will just tie the whole vivid orange look together and give it some depth.

Last but not least, Colourpop also decided to surprise all of us by releasing a new peach-themed palette called Baby Got Peach. I actually had the Sweet Talk palette in my cart a few days ago when I was still deciding on my order. The Sweet Talk palette and the Baby Got Peach palettes were really similar, and I didn’t want to spend too much by getting both. Ultimately, the Baby Got Peach palette won out since it was cheaper, and the main thing missing from it was just a dark brown shade that I already have in so many other palettes. I wanted to use this palette for light pastel looks anyways, so I figured it wouldn’t be necessary to have a dark definer shade. However, like the other two palettes, the Baby Got Peach palette does look different from what I expected. It looks a bit more dusty pink to me than peach.

Of course, I’ll be sharing swatches of all these palettes soon! I’m hoping that they look more like what I was hoping to use these colors for. I’ll update this post to include the links for the swatches as soon as I upload them. Thank you so much for reading, and until next time,

Uh-huh Honey
Orange You Glad
Baby Got Peach