D Project Space

Hello, everybody! If you read my last post (here), you’ll know I went to the D Museum to check out its Plastic Fantastic exhibit. On my way back, I stumbled upon another art gallery titled “D Project Space.”


To be completely honest with you, I would not have known that this was an art gallery if I did not enter. My friend said the building was her aesthetic so she wanted to check it out. Even the entrance says that this is a billiards club.


Turns out it’s quite the angsty, low-lit bar with lots of pictures, both photographs and paintings.


These Instax photos were a nice touch to the overall mood of the bar.


No drink purchases are necessary to browse through the art gallery, but the option is available if you’d like a drink while enjoying the gallery’s atmosphere.


The bar had a touch of vintage mixed with angst with the low light and red walls.


Here are some more photos that I took:


There were also album jacket covers of Korean musicians on display along with advertisement photos and other paintings.


Thanks for browsing through the photos I took!

All the best,

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