D Museum: Plastic Fantastic

Hello, everybody! I just now realized that I never finished this blog post! Anyways, my friend gave me tickets to see an exhibit at the famous D Museum. The exhibit, titled “Plastic Fantastic,” showcased the versatility of plastic in our everyday lives through a series of contemporary art.


Even the outside of the museum building looked cool!


For all the K-pop fans out there, the museum is located directly across Hannam The Hill, which is the apartment that BTS moved into.


I’m not sure if the decorations change with each exhibit, but there were lots of colorful plastic pieces tastefully scattered across the side wall of this building.


The entrance is really a thing of beauty. To enter to exhibit, you descend a flight of stairs lit with hues of pink, orange, and yellow.


The first part of the art exhibit showcased how plastic is used in things we usually don’t really think about.


This part of the museum was very hands-on. The staff even encouraged the visitors to interact and feel the materials.


The second part of the exhibit highlighted the many uses of plastic in our daily lives such as furniture and waste bins.


This is where things started to get a lot more “urban.”


The lights definitely gave off a different mood to the exhibit and allowed for super cool pictures!


This part of the exhibit definitely gave off more wacky or Alice in Wonderland vibes. I felt like I had entered the rabbit hole.


Afterwards, there is a flight of stairs to ascend that takes you to the next part of the exhibit. There were these cool chandeliers that my pictures don’t really do justice. I’m not sure if the chandeliers were part of the art exhibit, but they were cool to look at!


I was lucky enough to get a picture of the stairs without anyone on them because soon afterwards, there was a crowd milling around (more on this at the end of the post!).


The next part of the exhibit after ascending the stairs was quite colorful and featured lots of patterns on the art pieces.


This part of the exhibit displayed lots of pictures in plastic frames.


This next part of the art exhibit also felt very Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole-esque. There were chairs hung from the ceiling and a rotating turntable of more chairs.


The last part of the exhibit had a theme of how light beautifully interacts with plastic. The pictures above and below with the iridescent lights were taken in a mirrored room.


After the mirrored room, you can see plastic vases, bowls, and other dishware through a clear ceiling. There are lights in the room that enter through the dishware and refract color onto the walls.


The final, final part of the exhibit comprised of an eerie hallway of blue and red with a single television playing at the end of it.


Finally, to exit the museum, you pass through a gift shop filled with cute trinkets and a pleasant cafe.

Iced shortbread cookies featuring the characters of the Plastic Fantastic art exhibit

A big thank you to my friend Kyungmin for the free tickets! The museum was such a fun experience. The D Museum is actually quite popular with the art exhibits frequently updating. Unfortunately, that means that there may (and will) be a crowd of people. I was lucky enough to have decided to go early because I realized on my way out that a huge line of people were waiting outside. Even with the free tickets, I had to line up to get my tickets verified, so definitely try to go as soon as the museum opens. I cannot stress enough how big that wait line was. On a side note, the Plastic Fantastic exhibit is now closed but I believe there is a paper themed on currently going on. I might check it out with my brother when he comes to visit me in Korea.

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you found this post helpful. Unfortunately, I am busy with all my study abroad stuff at the moment so if you’d like to be early to see what I might post in the future or some of the fun things I do while I’m traveling abroad that may not end up in a post, feel free to check out my Instagram page @Loriboriii (opens up a new tab)!

Thanks again and until next time,

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