Nature Collection and Watsons Haul

Hello, everybody! I thought I’d share a quick haul post before I head to bed. I picked up several beauty products from Nature Collection and Watsons. Just sharing some of the items that I will be posting product reviews of soon, including swatches of the lip tint that I promised back in this post!


Nature Collection finally had their membership sale again so I had to go back for the tints I mentioned in a previous post. As for Watsons, well, I just wanted to pick up a few new products to do reviews of.

Products from Nature Collection

I had originally just picked up the three lip tints shown above but the employee helping me check out asked me if I wanted to add an exfoliating spray for 3,300 Korean won. It was so cheap so I just said, “why not?” and added it my cart. I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on this once I’ve been able to test it out for a while! I was also given four samples of the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam from The Face Shop which will come in handy for traveling!


I picked up a handful of products from Watsons as well! I bought a lip tint oil, a blackhead peel-off pack, an Apeach lip plumper, blackhead soap, a nose pore strip with a comedone extractor, a pack of hairbands, and some gum to hit the 30,000 Korean won quota for a tax refund. I’ve already tried the lip oil, but I’m really looking forward to trying out the Apeach lip plumper. I’ve always wondered if the Kakao Friends beauty line is any good or if it’s just a character marketing tactic. I needed some hairbands since I’m down to my last one, which has actually snapped and I’ve just tied back together. I’m excited to try the blackhead peel-off pack, but I honestly don’t have too many expectations from it. I bought to nose pore strips for the comedone extractor. I’ve never used a comedone extractor before but I hope it’s effective in removing my blackheads since I have a lot on my nose. I probably won’t try out the blackhead soap for a while because I have a lot of cleansers in rotation right now, but I’m really intrigued by the green and pink sections and curious on how it clears up my skin.

Anyways, thank you for reading my blog post! I know I’ve just been posting a lot of hauls recently, but that’s because I’m still in the process of trying out the products I have in line for reviews. Thank you for understanding!

Until next time,

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