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Hello, everybody! I hope you are all doing great! Lately, I’ve gotten on that skincare obsession train again. I’ve been meaning to purchase facial oils, witch hazel, and clay mask powder but some of the specific items that I wanted can be hard to find at relatively cheap prices here in Korea. However, I stumbled upon a website called iHerb that sells a lot of foreign beauty products at some of the best prices I’ve seen in Korea. Let me show you what I got!


First off, I picked up two clay mask powders. I did a bit of research and I decided on picking up a jar of bentonite clay powder and French green clay powder based on my skin type and objectives. The bentonite clay powder jar feels quite light considering the huge size of the jar. I feel like the company could have made the jar half the size it is and still hold the amount of powder inside. I’m excited to try out the French green clay! I hear it has excellent detoxifying and pore tightening properties!


I also purchased Thayers alcohol-free witch hazel toner in the unscented version. I’ve heard great things about witch hazel, especially the Thayers brand, but it’s so expensive to purchase from brick-and-mortar stores in South Korea. Luckily, I found it for less than half the price that Olive Young, a Korean beauty store chain, was selling it for. This one product was essentially the reason why I placed an order. I’ve always wanted to shrink my large pores so I’m looking forward to testing this out!


Lastly, I purchased two oils to help with minimizing blemishes and dark spots along with other things. I have oily skin so I probably won’t use it during the day but more likely at night as a deep treatment. After researching the different skin benefits of various oils, I chose to try out grapeseed oil and rosehip seed oil!


I really recommend checking out iHerb if you’re in South Korea and looking to purchase foreign brands at a cheaper price. The site offers free shipping at $40 USD and you have the option to pay in USD as well! I chose to pay in USD and with PayPal since I had some remaining balance in my PayPal account. The site really has quite a variety of foreign beauty products so it’s worth browsing through if you’re in the market for some. Plus, the shipping is incredibly fast. I chose standard shipping, and even though the parcel was delivered from Los Angeles, it reached my place in only three days (I received it January 10th even though the expected delivery date was January 12th to 16th). Of course, that may have to do with Korea’s incredibly fast postal service, but nonetheless, I’m impressed!

What are everyone’s thoughts? Would you like to see a follow up post on the products mentioned above?

Thank you so much for reading another haul post! Until next time,

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Disclaimer: not sponsored by or affiliated with iHerb.

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