Hello, everybody! I’m finally back with my first official post after my long hiatus! Today, I went to DB Story Cafe in Hongdae with my friend Yasania (link to her blog here). DB Story Cafe is a unique phone case cafe where you can customize your very own phone case or compact mirror. It was Yasania’s second time going, but it was my first so let’s see how great (or bad) I did!

DB Story Cafe is on the second floor!

The thing I especially like about this cafe is that you don’t actually need to order a drink! If you just want to design a phone case or compact mirror, that’s perfectly acceptable!

First, you select a table and pick up the tray provided.

This is just one of the many racks filled with decorative bits.

First, you pick a phone case or mirror. They also have other things you can decorate but those two are the main items. When I was choosing a case, I was surprised they had one for my phone model, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+! I’ve seen a lot of S6 and S6 Edges but I rarely stumble across S6 Edge+ in South Korea. This cafe carries a variety of models so that’s great! There are solid color cases, clear cases, mirror cases, and even glitter ones! I chose a clear one.

One thing that was a bit inconvenient was that the price of each piece was not labeled so it’s difficult to gauge how much it will cost in the end.

You can even purchases a pre-made phone case or request one to be custom-made for you.

More bits and bobs.

There are also metal pieces if you’re looking to add some fancy and shine! They do cost more than the polymer pieces, but they are quite nice!

In Korea, Christmas season starts as soon as it hits November, so there were also Christmas pieces available. The cafe had a Christmas themed phone case displayed, and it was so pretty that I was tempted to buy it!

The bear keychains are very popular in Korea!

More chains and tassels to choose from. There are also ring stands and other items to attach to the back of your phone case if you’d like!

There was also a box of letters that I took full advantage of.

Lots of shiny baubles to satisfy your gaudiest desires.

You can even purchase paint and frosting caps to make unique designs. As you can also see on the right side, there are also more phone cases with designs already printed on them if you want to use those instead.

After you choose the bits you’d like to use, you pay for them at the register. The employee ringing you up will show you the final cost before you pay so you can return some pieces if the total comes out to be too much. After purchasing, you are given who types of adhesive, cotton swabs, and tweezers. The cashier also explains what glue to use for what pieces to make sure your bits are securely fastened.

These were Yasania’s decorations! The white and gold flowers reminded us both of Marc Jacobs Daisy.

After you are done designing and gluing the pieces down, an employee will dry your design in a kiln and return it to you in a box and plastic bag. We were given instructions to let it dry for 24 hours before using it. Didn’t Yasania’s mirror come out super cute?

This was my final design! What do you guys think? I left a bit of space in the center so I could display a Polaroid picture. The total for all my pieces came out to 10,000 Korean won (or about $8.88 USD), but I ended up not using one of the bulkier chains so my total would have been cheaper if I didn’t pick that up (probably around 8,500 KRW). You can always use whatever you have left the next time you come here so that’s great!

If anyone was curious, Yasania’s mirror came out to a final price of less than 6,000 KRW.

Thank you my lovely readers for taking the time to read this post! I hope you all liked it!

Until next time,

Disclaimer: Not sponsored or affiliated with DB Story Cafe.