Blog Update

Hello, friends!

It’s been about two months since I last posted anything on my blog. In that time, I’ve learned to adapt to a culturally different society, finished half a semester at Yonsei University, found a part-time job, and have met lots of new people. I’ve also experienced photo file corruption many times and had a few personal things to figure out, which is why I’ve been dormant on my blog for a while now. However, during my time away from blogging, I’ve come to miss connecting with my readers and fellow bloggers and sharing the events going on in our lives and what makes us happy.

These days, I’ve been feeling a bit down. I’ve come to realize that I want to do more with the time I have in Korea. Before I came here, I had all these dreams and plans: travel, create better content, and be the best version of myself that I can be. Now that I am here, I’ve been using the excuse of “I’m busy” or “I have too much homework” to really put myself out there and experience all that Korea has to offer.

With that said, I’ll be updating more frequently. Thank you to all my readers and fellow blogger friends who have stuck with me all this time! I truly appreciate it!

Please look forward to a more inspired and motivated me!

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