Collective Missguided Haul

Hello, everybody! I’m back with another haul post! I picked up some articles of clothing and few accessories from Missguided off of it’s U.S.A. website. I placed two orders within the past several months with accessories as part of the first order and clothing as the second. I’ll also share with you all what I think of the brand’s items. Here we go!

I picked up two sunglasses from Missguided. One is rose gold, circle, and features fun little cutouts on the outer side of the mirrored lens. The other is tortoise shelled and square-shaped.

As part of my second order, I picked up these frayed jeans envisioning a rad, nineties grunge, almost mom jean look. Unfortunately, they are literally just wide, straight jeans that are so unflattering on me. I’m hoping to be able to tailor the ends for a more tapered leg, but I’ve never done that before so we’ll just have to see what happens. If all goes well, I might do a separate blog post on the process. If no such post comes up, you all know what happened.

Next, I picked up some classic high-waisted, black jeans but with a slit knee design. The slit is a bit too low on my legs and don’t sit quite above the knee perfectly. They’re also slightly long me, but nothing a good roll of the hems can’t fix!

I also bought black cigarette pants for business attire. These feature ankle slits at the front of each leg. I kind of want to sew the slits into a more triangular design, but we’ll see if I ever get around to it. These are also slightly long on me, which is unfortunate because if I tailor the hems, the slit design will be finished. Maybe I will have to tailor it though because it looks a bit silly dragging the legs as I walk.

To go with the cigarette pants, I purchased a military blazer in a light pink shade. This blazer presents gathered sleeves and flat gold buttons. I didn’t realize that there was no structured collar and front on this so that came as a bit of a shock. It does fit my shoulders nicely though!

Would I recommend Missguided to a friend? Sure! Will I be shopping there again anytime soon? Well, it’s not at the top of my list considering I may have to tailor a few of the items, but who knows? I might take another peek at the website. It’s honestly not my favorite online clothing store, but it definitely wasn’t a horrendous experience either. All items came fast considering the packages shipped from the U.K., and the site always has some percentage discount going on. Students get 40% off, but watch out for times when the site offers 50% off. Plus, free shipping over $50!

I hope you enjoyed this little haul post! Thanks for reading, and until next time,

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