Father’s Day at Lake Tahoe

Hello, everybody! How did you and your family spend Father’s Day? Even though Father’s Day was two weeks ago, I thought I would share what our family did. We took a highly anticipated trip to Lake Tahoe, where we relaxed and have a bit of kayaking fun. I’ll also mention a popular ice cream shop towards the end of this blog post, so please keep reading if you’d like to find out!


We drove a few hours to Baldwin Beach, which is one of our favorite spots near Lake Tahoe!


Do you see the snow on the mountains? How crazy is that? It’s almost July!


The blue skies and bright clouds make for a picturesque scene!


We set up our floor mats and canopy by a bench.


Here is said bench.


We brought our kayak from home since it was the perfect opportunity to use it! We don’t get to go to the lake often, so it was a real treat!


When boats went by, the waves became more intense, which made for more fun on the kayak! Also, do you see the flock of geese?


And the cute couple award goes to Papa and Momma Kang!




Momma Kang just naturally posing like a true model.


My mom made these kimchi fried rice bacon wraps. They were so good! If you’d like to find out how to make these, click here for a recipe on kimchi fried rice. Just wrap small bite-sized portions in bacon and pan-fry!


Can you spot the two geese?


The geese here were definitely not afraid of the people on the beach.


As more boats went on the water, the waves became bigger. We had to create a sand wall to prevent water from soaking our beach mats. The kayak also helped!


My family played a little rock-stacking game. Whoever made the rock tower fall lost. Kind of like reverse Jenga.


These rocks were quite small so it was pretty impressive that we even got these many rocks to stack up.



After the game, my brother and I made a turtle out of the rocks!


We found lots of pistachio shells that people littered so now it’s a turtle with a backpack.




Papa Kang taking a nap, Momma Kang just chilling, and Ryan drawing a sketch of the scenery.


Quite the artist if I do say so myself.


Then he took a nap under the sun covered heat to toe to avoid sunburn.


This is a Korean ice cream that tastes of arabica coffee. The great thing is that since this comes in a pouch, you can eat as ice cream or drink as iced coffee if it melts!


After a few hours of lounging around, we started to head back home. Here is Papa Kang hauling the kayak back on the MDX.


This is what the kayak looks like on top of the car.


Before heading back home, we had to visit a nostalgic ice cream shop called Richardson’s Ice Cream Parlor.


This place is really popular that we had to wait at least thirty minutes in line – and that was actually a short wait considering the usual number of customers. There is even a line inside!


We meant to get a double scoop of two different flavors (two single scoops), but we accidentally got two double scoops with two different flavors. They are not shy about packing on the ice cream at this parlor.


Needless to say, I did not finish mine but it was still good! Next time, I need to remember to get two single scoops instead of accidentally saying I want a double scoop in two flavors. The pictures came out incredibly though!

Happy Father’s Day, Papa Kang and all the other great fathers out there even though this post is going up two weeks later! 아빠, you are the best father in my eyes! I love you!

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


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