Hello, everybody! It’s been so long since my last post! I’ve done a lot of cool things this past few weeks but haven’t had time to sit down and blog. I am taking two intense summer courses in writing and meteorology. Both cover four months worth of material in a five-week span, so you can probably imagine the workload I have been assigned to. I also just realized that I am on week four, so this is great! Anyways, I went to the farmers’ market with my mom two or three weeks ago, and I thought I would share some photos. I hope you like them!


My local farmers’ market takes place every Thursday in a Sears parking lot.

Lots of tents selling an assortment of goods!

The great thing about farmers’ markets is that you can sample the fruits before purchasing. That way, you know just how juicy and fresh the produce is. Plus, prices are usually lower than grocery stores, and you get to support your local farmers!

Even at the farmers’ market, prices may differ between tents so try samples and look to see which tent offers cheaper prices.

The first thing we bought were a bag of nectarines to give to my brother’s art professor.

So many varieties of squash!

There was also a wide assortment of flavored nuts at my local farmers’ market.

We also bought a bag of beans to cook as a side dish.

Fresh zucchini is always great! There are so many dishes you can make with it!

Can’t forget about our leafy greens!

It’s cherry season, so of course there were lots of vendors selling the delicious fruit. As I mentioned earlier, some vendors charge more than others for the same produce so be sure to look around before purchasing.

Onions are chock full of flavor. I love adding lots of onions when I cook.

You might notice the yellow school bus in the background of the photo above. The farmers’ market is a popular field trip location for many elementary schools in my neighborhood. You can see lots of children learning about different types of produce and using tokens to purchase delicious goods!

At our local farmers’ market, there is a bakery tent as well. The tent is completely covered so that flies don’t contaminate the baked goods. There is a small window that you can zip open so transactions can take place.

We ended up buying another bag of nectarines from another stand for ourselves.


More samples!


Bing cherries and Rainier cherries!



Since these pictures were from two to three week ago, all of the fruits my mom bought have been consumed. Looking at these pictures makes me really hungry for some good cherries though!


These onions must have been really popular!



Apricots are so delicious!



The colors of the vegetables look so good next to each other!


Yum yum!


There were also a lot of flower stands as well! So beautiful!


We bought cherries, nectarines, cilantro, beans, and lots of other fresh produce!

I hope you liked the pictures of my local farmers’ market! I highly recommend you check out your local farmers’ market if you haven’t already. You can get fresh, seasonal produce for good prices. Plus, you get to support your local farmers! How great is that?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,