Skinfood Ginseng Sheet Mask Review

Hello, everybody! It is currently 10:37 P.M. where I am right now, and I am super sleepy; however, it is Face Mask Friday, which means I need to post a face mask review. I’ve got my sheet mask on, pictures taken, and hands on the keyboard. Let’s go!

Edit: I fell asleep writing this post last night, so happy Face Mask Saturday!

The mask I will review for you in this post is from Skinfood’s Beauty in a Food Mask line. This line of products features a key ingredient known for its powerful skin benefits in each of their products. Today’s product features ginseng, which is known to show strong anti-aging properties. Ginseng contains many phytonutrients (which just means plant nutrients) that brighten the skin and even out skin tone. Korean ginseng is known to be an intense superfood, so it only makes sense that Skinfood would feature this ingredient in its products.

Side note: ginseng is spelled as “gingseng” on the front but is spelled correctly on the back.


Here is a picture of my face freshly cleansed so you can see what we are starting with.

As soon as I opened the packaging, the serum started to drip out. There was so much serum inside that the mask was super saturated in it. It’s always great to see when companies are generous with the amount of product inside! Also, the serum has a distinct herbal medicine scent in case you were wondering!


If you’re new to my Face Mask Friday series, I like to talk about the cutout of sheet masks. I found this mask to have a large circumference. Some of the mask sheet went past my hairline but better bigger than smaller! The facial cutouts weren’t the best, but they weren’t terrible either. As you can see, there is some overlapping and the cutouts are a bit wide around the eyes and nose, but nothing we can’t work with!

The mask also has a nice cooling sensation to it. It’s right in between a freezing cold and a barely-there coolness. Goldilocks would approve!


As per instructions, I removed the mask 20 minutes later. Here is my face before patting in the leftover serum.


Here is my face after patting in the leftover serum. It is just me or do my spots look lighter? Makes sense since ginseng is known to brighten and even out skin tone! My skin definitely feels a lot more supple and moisturized as well. I’m sure with continued use, this mask could really do wonders for this skin!

Thanks for reading this blog post! If you enjoy my Face Mask Friday series, please feel free to subscribe to my blog. If you don’t know already, I will be living in South Korea for a year starting this fall. I will have access to a wider selection of Korean face masks, and I’ll be sure to share even more face mask reviews here!

I hope all my readers have a blessed week!

Until next time,


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