Past Meets Present: Old Sacramento

Hello, everybody! Last Friday, my friends and I took a quick trip to Old Sacramento. My friend Tim was able to get his work shift covered and said he wanted to grab lunch, so that’s how this little trip started. Old Sacramento is a touristy area as it showcases the rustic beauty of the wild west and is a part of the capital of California. It was my second time visiting, but it had been almost ten years since the last time. I had a fun time surrounded by the touristy environment. I hope you enjoy my pictures below!


The yellow structure in the back is Tower Bridge. The running joke is that it’s the real Golden Gate Bridge.



The weather around noon was a bit chilly as there were a lot of clouds in the sky but got hotter as the sun peeked through later in the day.


There were free maps available listing the different eateries, shops, and attractions in the area.



The area feels quite patriotic with the rustic buildings and red, white, and blue.


The restaurant we went to was called Railroad Fish & Chips. It’s a small shop that sells things like clam chowder bread bowls, catfish fish and chips, burgers, and other dishes. You can eat inside the restaurant, but we chose to sit outside and enjoy the view.


Tim and I got the classic fish and chips, while our other friend Kyle opted for a burger with fries (not pictured). The fish and chips came with a side of tartar sauce which Tim thinks is made in-house. Kyle’s burger didn’t come with tartar sauce, but the restaurant staff gave him some when he asked.

Just a tip: if you plan on eating here, know that they only accept cash. I only had my card on me, so a huge shout out to Tim for covering me!

Before we ate our meal, Tim thought the portions were a bit small as there were only three strips of fish, but he later changed his mind as he was super full in the end. We all were. The strips were actually quite large. The food also came out piping hot, so that’s an added bonus! Thanks Tim for being a trooper and finishing Kyle’s and my meal for us when we were too full to keep going!


Before we ate, a lady outside handed us a small piece of paper advertising a nearby candy store offering free samples. Since we had time, we decided to drop by for a quick look around.


We were surprised by the large assortment of candy in the store. We were allowed to try out two free samples of saltwater taffy, but there were so many flavors that we didn’t know which ones to try out! We each tried out one that we thought would be tasty and then picked out strange flavors for each other. Tim picked out a chicken and waffles flavored taffy for me. It tasted like subdued maple syrup. Not bad at all!


We weren’t sure if we wanted to buy candy to take home, so we decided to leave and maybe come back later.


In Old Sac, you can see old trains and boats by the river. You can even enjoy a fancy meal inside a boat and enjoy a relaxing view of the water.



More views of Tower Bridge!




Tim wanted to take a nice group picture so he walked around trying to find a good spot.


Every time I hear “Tower Bridge,” I think of the Tower Bridge in London. Tower Bridge in London is one of my all-time favorite bridges, if not my favorite. Ah, how I wish to go back!


I always think that this area of Sacramento has culturally diverse architecture. You can see the pyramid-shaped building known as the Ziggurat in the photo above, but there are also pagodas and other interesting buildings.

Left to right: Tim, me, Kyle

We finally found a spot to take the picture! Of course, it was at the spot we originally started at. We met a family taking pictures of their son who recently graduated from high school. Tim took a few photos for them, and the mom took a few for us.


We went back to the candy store to buy some saltwater taffy. My brother really likes saltwater taffy so I bought some for him. One of the employees was super helpful in picking out flavors and ringing our purchases.


Look! You can see the California State Capitol building in the back!


We ended the day with some Gong Cha milk foam tea. I got oolong milk foam while the boys chose green tea milk foam. Yum!

A big thank you to Tim for always driving us and to Kyle for the belated Christmas gifts! I’ll be sure to wear the sweater this winter in Korea!

Thank you so much for reading my little adventure blog! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did sharing it. If you like this sort of adventure blog, please don’t be shy in subscribing as I will be posting a lot more when I start living in Korea this fall!

Until next time,


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