Trazy: Discounts for Foreign Travelers

Hello everybody! Have plans to travel to Asia? Well, just yesterday, I became an affiliate for Trazy, a site that helps travelers stay up to date with the latest events and hot spots in Korea and Thailand. Foreign travelers can receive incredible discounts on tours, concerts, theme parks, beauty experiences, and other exciting travel activities in both Korea and Thailand by booking through Trazy’s website. Got your interest perked? Read on to find out how you can travel more for less money!

Trazy comes from their slogan “Go Travel, Go Crazy, Go Trazy!” The site was started by co-founders Jahyun Jessie Kang and Kristine Hanuhl Um who wanted to “build a travel platform where travelers can truly discover the latest happenings in their travel destination” (taken from Trazy’s website). Trazy is a means of offering foreign travelers a way to enjoy the best deals in a convenient format so that they can enjoy their experiences by lessening the difficulties of traveling abroad.

Trazy offers a variety of tours (hiking, weekend trips, national parks, islands, festivals, etc.) at discounted prices. The website also lists restaurants and cafes owned by K-pop stars and other Korean celebrities. It also lists in detail who owns the store, what kind of goods you can purchase, and the overall experience of the eateries. The site also provides information on recording schedules of some of Korea’s popular broadcasting shows such as M Countdown and where you can attend these recordings. Trazy is a great resource for travelers interested in South Korea and Thailand because it lists the best festivals and must-go places in different cities.

For foreigners who are concerned about booking events due to lack of knowledge in the Korean or Thai language, Trazy is a great resource as you can book in English. All of the descriptions, travel itineraries, and conditions are written in English so you know exactly what you are booking and how you can book. Many of the tours also include English speaking staff so be sure to take full advantage of this if you plan on booking one!

Unfortunately, Trazy’s awesome offers only exist for foreigners. That means Koreans cannot utilize Trazy’s discounts for Korea, and Thais cannot take advantage of the discounts for Thailand. However, even if you are ethnically Korean or Thai but hold citizenship in a different country, you are welcome to book through Trazy! That’s great news for me who is from the United States because I’ll be living in South Korea starting in the summer!

Last but not least, a few disclaimer notices: as a Trazy affiliate, I do receive some benefits from purchases made through my link (4% for validated purchases through my site with the exception of the KR Pass ticket, which is 2%). I would have to meet the monthly minimum threshold of $100 in order to be paid out, which is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon, but I do hope that one day I will be able to achieve that threshold. Anyways, I would really appreciate it if my readers could use the link on my blog! I hope to be able to provide my readers with more travel blog posts through Trazy during the summer and for the year I will be living in Korea. I really do appreciate it, so thank you!

I’ll leave a link below as well, but feel free to click on the Trazy menu button up top as well as the banners on the side bar and within this post!

Link: Trazy Website

Thanks for reading and making this all possible!

Until next time,


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