First Lush Haul

Hello there! Last Friday, I made my first purchase from Lush, and I thought I would share with you all what I got! I did quite a bit of damage to my wallet, so let’s dive right in!

My friend Alyssa is an avid Lush fan and always raves about the brand’s face masks (she’s the friend I mentioned previously who inspired Face Mask Fridays). She drove us to Westfield Valley Fair, which is where the damage was done because let me tell you, Lush is not cheap. Granted, the products are all natural and handmade, so maybe that’s why it’s so expensive. I picked up mostly bath bombs with a few bubble bars and luxury bath oils as well.

Since Alyssa is an experienced Lush veteran, she knew exactly what she wanted and immediately filled up her shopping basket. I didn’t know that there were little bags to put the bath products in, so it helped that I took my time looking through the products so I could notice her using them. I love how the little pouches match the big shopping bag!

Ickle Baby Bot

The first thing I put in my shopping basket was Ickle Baby Bot. I made sure to pick this one up because I read good reviews of this on the Lush website. I browsed through the Lush website lash month because I wanted to get some bath bombs for my mom for Valentine’s Day. She always tells me that she hasn’t been having good sleep, so I figured that maybe a nice, relaxing bath filled with sleep-inducing essential oils would help. The only problem is that my mom is very sensitive to scents, which is why I wanted to make sure the scents weren’t too powerful. Also, glitter is a no-go so I wanted to look up which products don’t have glitter. Unfortunately, I forgot which products didn’t have glitter so that didn’t help much. Whoops!

Ickle Baby Bot is described as:

If you’re looking to rewire your little one’s energy panel so you both can get some sleep, draw a warm bath with this sleepytime robot, designed to mesmerize the senses with ray guns of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood. These sleep-inducing essential oils are nature’s cure for restless babes. Having trouble getting shuteye yourself? One soak with this soother and you’ll be off to dreamland too.

Perfect for my mom!


Next is butterball! I picked this one up because I remembered a review saying it wasn’t overwhelming in terms of scent. This bath bomb is a lot smaller than the standard size, but that also means it’s considerably cheaper.

Butterball is said to provide “blissfully buttery hydration” and is described on the Lush website as such:

It may look unassuming, but don’t let that fool you: this fizzer is nothing less than a little slice of bathing heaven. Pop it into your tub and lie back among a dreamy vanilla scent and a blanket of creamy, buttery froth. Hot baths can leave your skin feeling dried out, but Butterball’s generous flecks of fair trade organic cocoa butter keep every inch of your skin soft and hydrated.


Next, we have Blackberry! The cashier at Lush explained to me how this was the first bath bomb Lush came out with, which is why the word “BOMB” is printed across the top. This bath bomb smells divine!

Lush’s website describes Blackberry as such:

Drop this classic fruity number into your tub for a relaxing soak in a swirling, meditative purple pool. A burst of fresh, uplifting bergamot oil meets grounding frankincense for a fragrant blend that blasts away the day’s worries, leaving you wrapped in a cozy and comforting berry-scented hug.

Tisty Tosty

Next, we have a beautiful bath bomb inlaid with dried flowers. Tisty Tosty gives off such a classic vibe with the clean white, colorful rosebuds, and heart shape. The only problem with this is that my mom does not like the scent of roses, so she might not end up using this. It’s pretty to look at though!

Tisty Tosty is described as an “enchanting rose love spell” and:

At the heart of the matter, Tisty Tosty is a bathtime love potion that’s made to stir passions. Drop it into the tub to luxuriate among the romantic aromas of rose and jasmine absolutes, and watch as whole rosebuds saunter across the softening waters. Invite a friend to share your bath—it’ll be love at first sniff with this sensual fizzer!




Another bath bomb that I checked out online was Sakura. The scent is quite divine, actually. It has a light scent, so I think my mom will like it.

Lush invites you to “slip into springtime freshness” with Sakura:

When the cherry blossoms burst forth in springtime in Japan, it’s tradition to take a picnic to the park and enjoy the gorgeous, fragrant display. We’ve recreated this experience for your tub—simply lie back in Sakura’s serene waters while the delicate scents of mimosa and jasmine wash over you. The elegant embrace of fine sea salt and softening baking soda softens skin and carries your troubles away like cherry blossoms on the breeze.


The last bath bomb we have is Twilight! This bath bomb has quite a lovely scent, but unfortunately, it does contain a fair amount of glitter so I won’t be able to give it to my mom. Guess the good thing is that I can use it instead!

Lush invites you to “watch the night unfold” with their Twilight bath bomb:

Recreate the magic of a dreamy, starry night in your tub with our most relaxing bath bomb yet. As Twilight slowly fizzes away in the tub, its dusky pink exterior gives way to streams of purple, and finally to a deep indigo hue with delicate shimmering stars. Relaxing lavender oil and comforting tonka absolute soothe stressed bodies and minds, leaving you feeling warm, fuzzy and ready for a restful slumber.

A French Kiss

Moving on to bubble bars, the first one is called A French Kiss. I love the design of a lavender sprig sticking out of a purple swirled cone. Again, hopefully the lavender essential oils help my mom get a good night’s rest.

Lush describes this bubble bar as “a decadent bath for deep relaxation.”

There are a few ways to French kiss, but we like to keep it clean by French Kiss-ing with a luxurious bubble bath. The herbal scents of lavender, rosemary and thyme are blended with essential oils from the hills of sun-soaked Provence to create a bubbly bar that helps to calm the mind for more restful sleep. It’s even topped with a sprig of lavender to remind you to lie back into the serene purple waters and soak up all the relaxation.

The cashier offered to attach a sticker with instructions since it was my first time at Lush. How nice!

The second bubble bar I picked up was Pop in the Bath. Really tempted to keep this one for myself since I absolutely adore the scent but this one is for my mom as well. I think this one has the best scent out of all the ones in this haul. Unfortunately, it does have a bit of glitter in it, but it’s very fine so hopefully my mother won’t mind. It smells absolutely divine. If I had to recommend one Lush product based on scent alone (since I haven’t actually tested any of these), I would say this one. Will definitely be picking up another one for myself next time!

Lush describes this Pop in the Bath as “a citrusy pick-me-up.”

If you’re in need of the ultimate relaxation after a chaotic day, we suggest you pop in the bath with this soothing bubble bar. It’ll evoke happy thoughts with calming bergamot and citrus-y bubbles thanks to lemon and mandarin oils. The citrusy scent of Mediterranean mandarin groves and orange flowers will breeze past you as you lay back in the bubbles, perfect for dreaming of summertime no matter the season.

Last but not least, we have the luxury bath oils. The first one I have here is Floating Island. Since this bath oil is made from Shea butter, it is so soft and melts in your hands. I put it in the same package as Pop in the Bath because it was so small that I didn’t want to waste a whole paper bag for such a tiny item, which is why it has flecks of blue and pink on it. I did wrap it in some plastic wrap when I got home though to prevent any more mixing between the two. The scent is very soft and rich but not overpowering. It’s very mellow, which I think my mom will like. Nothing too fruity or floral; just a good base of vanilla.

Lush says to:

Sink into the tub and escape to your own fragrant, soothing island of tranquility. Sandalwood oil, vanilla bean and lemon oil create a dreamy scent to soothe the soul, while organic cocoa and shea butters transform your bath water into a silky, softening sanctuary. Lie back and slip away to an island of luxury, and emerge ready to take on the real world.

Finally, our last product is Ceridwen’s Cauldron. I’m not absolutely crazy about the scent, but I heard it’s very soothing and skin softening. Thought it would be good to try out!

Ceridwen’s Cauldron is a “calming, soothing spell” that lets you:

Slip into our enchanting potion of oats, lavender and sandalwood to calm and soothe your irritated, sensitive skin. If you’re wishing for relief, this melt will make your skin dreams come true. Rich, nutritious cocoa butter and walnut oil melt into the water and froth ever so slightly to quench and soften dehydrated skin. You’re left with a muslin bag of whole oats that create a milky infusion in the water and give you a soothing and gently scented scrub for instant relief from redness and itch.

The ladies at Lush were so friendly and welcoming. Usually, I’m not one to have a long conversation with the employees at a store, but the ladies at Lush made it seem like I was just talking to a friend. It wasn’t by any means intimidating nor felt like they were trying to sell me something. They genuinely wanted me to enjoy the Lush experience and have a good time browsing through the different products.

When I told the cashier that it was my first time shopping at Lush, she was surprised because of the items that I picked out. She said that it was a solid Lush haul and if I didn’t tell her that it was my first time at Lush, she would have thought I was a Lush veteran. However, since it was my first time, she included a booklet of all of Lush’s products so I could go back and look through all the other products from the brand. Plus, my friend and I had a fun time talking with the cashier and other employees about Lush-hosted parties.

Really excited to gift these to my mom and to try out Twilight for myself! I’ll probably Snapchat using it, so if you’d like, add me on Snapchat! My username is LK891219. If you’d like to follow me on my other social media accounts, I’ll list them down below. Thank you for reading this Lush haul post!

Until next time,


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