A Walk in the Park

Hello! How are you doing? I thought I’d share with you some pictures I captured while on a neighborhood walk with my dog, Maeumi!

In case you’re wondering what Maeumi means, it is a Korean word that refers to the heart or one’s feelings. My dog’s name actually comes from a South Korean film of the same name. The movie centers around a boy and his dog – the boy being my favorite actor of all time. It’s a real tear-jerker so just be warned. It will hit you with all the feels. There is a second version of the film, but it doesn’t top the first in my opinion.

Anyways, let’s keep walking!

There was no one around at the park so I unleashed Maeumi so she could run around.

Her fur is so fluffy!

She likes to lie down on the grass to cool down.

It rained the night before so the grass was very wet and muddy. Maeumi clearly had lots of fun running around.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!

This last picture wasn’t part of our walk, but I took it later in the day so I thought I’d add it to this post.

Thanks for reading and going on this walk with us! See you next time!


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