Skinfood Everyday Beauty Berry Facial Mask Sheet Review

Happy Face Mask Friday, everyone! Sorry, it’s been a quite a while since we’ve last done one of these. I’ve been a bit busy with a few exciting things. I can’t tell you what I’m working on as of now, but I will be able to once spring rolls around – probably around April. Trust me, it’ll be exciting! Anyways, let’s dive right in and get masking!

This week’s mask is another sheet mask from Skinfood. It’s called the Skinfood Everyday Beauty Berry Facial Mask Sheet and is from their Time Magazine’s Choice of 10 Foods line. Each sheet mask in this line features one key ingredient widely known for its skincare benefits. The mask we will be testing out today features blueberries. Skinfood claims that this mask is “a hydrating mask that contains blueberry extract, and helps prevent skin damage.”

Instructions are provided in both Korean and English. To use, “remove the mask from the package and bring it to the center of your face. Smooth to cheeks with palms. Leave 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the sheet mask and stroke gently to absorb surplus serum. *Use the serum left inside the pouch to care for neck and other body areas.”

Now, just a heads up, I have tried a few masks from this line, and I have mixed thoughts. I reviewed the yogurt mask before (read here) and I wasn’t too impressed to be honest, but I have also tried out the orange mask and I thoroughly enjoyed that. Having had experiences on two different ends of the spectrum, I’m not sure what to expect with this blueberry mask. With that said, I still have high hopes for this mask!

If you’re new to my Face Mask Friday series, I start out with an image of my face freshly cleansed. Then, I show pictures of the stages during and after the mask experience. Here is my face freshly cleansed:

Here is what the mask looks like. The sheet has a thicker and corrugated texture unlike standard mask sheets. I did not like this type of sheet when I tried out the yogurt mask, but, if I remember correctly, I did not have a problem with the orange mask.

The serum doesn’t smell like blueberries to me. It has a mild scent that goes away after a bit once you’ve placed it on your face. I’m not sure what to describe it but it brings to mind a cozy home.

Here is what the mask looks upon placement:

The cutout of this mask is okay in my opinion. The circumference is a good size and the facial feature cutouts are well placed. The nose cutout is a bit on the short end, but I’ve seen worse. It’s definitely not anything I would complain big-time about.

Most masks feel immediately cooling to the touch, but this mask was different. Instead, it gradually felt cooler as the minutes passed on by but not to an extreme extent. There was no burning sensation whatsoever either. Overall, the mask felt very pleasant to the touch.

It’s been 15 minutes, which means it is time to remove the mask! Here is what my face looks like before and after patting:


Thoughts: I like! I wasn’t sure if I would at first because of the corrugated, thick mask sheet as experienced with the yogurt mask, but I did! After trying out the beauty berry mask, I think the reason why the yogurt mask wasn’t that great of an experience is because the serum types were different. The yogurt mask had a thicker, more lotion-type of serum, whereas the orange and beauty berry masks had a more water-based serum, allowing the sheet to adhere to the skin’s surface better. Maybe I’ll give the yogurt mask another try in the future, next time lying down so that it doesn’t slip off my face.

I definitely give this mask a thumbs up! My skin feels quite hydrated and supple – even velvety. If you’re looking for a light, hydrating sheet mask, I recommend checking this one out!

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(On a side note, I’m thinking of posting Face Mask Fridays every other week, just until I get a little less busy. What do you guys think? Once I’m able to share my exciting upcoming news, I promise you, Face Mask Fridays will be better than ever! You’ll know what I mean once I share the news! A huge thank you to everybody who reads my Face Mask Friday posts! See you in two weeks!)

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