Welcos Jeju Natural Green Tea Mask Review

Hello everybody! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! It’s time for another Face Mask Friday!


We’ll be finally making our way back to sheet masks this week with the Welcos Jeju Natural Green Tea Mask that claims to provide deep moisture and pure skin. I purchased this in a box of ten sheet masks from T. J. Maxx, which is basically a discount store here in America. I believe the box cost around $3.99 USD if I’m not mistaken. There were also other Welcos sheet mask box sets, but I opted for the green tea set.

Here are the front and back of the sheet mask packaging. There are both English and Korean instructions provided with pictures as well.

Let’s put this to the test!


Here is my bare face. Recently, my skin has been quite active. There are a couple acne spots around my temples and some redness as well. Northern California has been really starting to introduce winter weather this past week, and I think that the sudden change of weather may have something to do with my skin.

My initial thoughts: this mask smells great! It has a light, clean, and refreshing scent. It is definitely not overwhelming, so those who don’t particularly enjoy strong scents may enjoy this one.


When I placed the sheet mask on my face, I noticed that this mask has a bit of a strange cutout, at least, in my opinion. The mask was a bit short on my nose, and the circumference was a little bit wider than most other masks. Keep in mind that this may be different for others depending on their face shape, but I found that I had to overlay the mask in several spots more than usual. Oh, and if you’re wondering, this mask felt quite cooling to the touch.


After 20 minutes, I removed the sheet mask. I definitely felt more awake, so I think that this mask will be a good one to incorporate into your morning routine (plus, they’re on the cheap side!). When I went to pat the serum into my skin, I noticed that just in the time of removing the mask and taking pictures, about half of the serum had already soaked in. I did pat in the rest, and the great news was that there was no lingering stickiness, which means that you could use it in the morning and continue with the rest of your skincare and makeup without having to wash it off.


Final thoughts: I recommend! I’m not too sure if this mask acts as a deep moisturizer as stated, but it does seem to provide that pure skin feeling plus a bit of radiance. My skin feels clean and refreshed after using this. I think this mask will be an excellent way to kick-start your day, not to mention that a box of ten costs less than $5 USD.

Let me know in the comments below: does this mask sound like something you would try out or pass on? Don’t forget to like this blog post if you enjoyed it, and click the subscribe button for future updates and more Face Mask Fridays!

Until next time,


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