Hi there! Here we are again with another Sephora Play! Unfortunately, this will be our last Sephora Play! box, at least for a while. I’ll explain why near the end of the blog post, but in the meantime, let’s get unboxing!

For those of you don’t know what Sephora Play! is, it is a monthly $10 subscription box filled with five deluxe-sized samples and a bonus fragrance sample as well. This month’s box theme is “best in glow.” Here’s the first look upon opening the subscription box:


As always, the products come in a drawstring cloth bag with a printed image on the front. This month’s bag has the largest image from all the other bags I’ve received from the Sephora Play! subscription. We could keep talking about the bag, but as with all good things, it’s what’s on the inside that counts so let’s keep going!


Inside the bag we get:

  • GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment
  • Cover FX Illuminating Primer
  • Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gel
  • Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Rose Gold
  • The Estée Edit Dissolve the Drama 2-in-1 Makeup Remover + Cleanser
  • Stella McCartney Pop


Now, as I mentioned earlier, this is the last Sephora Play! subscription box we’ll be unboxing together for a while. I cancelled my subscription yesterday because I felt that I wasn’t receiving products I was really interested in. There were a few products that I was interested in trying, but, especially with the recent boxes, I found myself not really using all the products. With that said, although the monthly cost is a reasonable price of ten dollars, I don’t think it’s worth it personally if I don’t use the products. Also, the cost adds up monthly, and I’d rather save up to buy full-sized products I actually want. However, I will say that my first subscription box service was a fun experience and that I won’t be closed to the idea of renewing in the future if more products I like start popping up.

Anyways, thanks for unboxing with me these past few months! I know I’ve been a few weeks behind on Face Mask Friday, but I promise I’ll  upload a review as soon as I’m done with finals in a few weeks. I’m also planning on uploading a haul post soon too once I receive my packages in the mail. I can also do reviews on some of the beauty related products I purchased if you’d like. Let me know if that’s something you would like to see by leaving me a comment below! Last but not least, if you’re also a student taking finals, best of luck!