Hello everyone! How is your Friday going? Today, we have another Face Mask Friday review. This week’s face mask is from The Skinfood, commonly just known as Skinfood, and it is their Thermal Water Mask Sheet. Let’s jump right in and see how this performs!


Here is what the packaging looks like. It definitely looks more luxurious than their other mask packaging, which has more of a simple design.


The instructions are in both English and Korean, which is great for international users. It also explains in both languages what the serum inside is intended to treat.


Here’s my bare face before masking. Please excuse my flyaway hairs.


One of my concerns that I look out for in a sheet mask is the shape, size, and cutout. Some face masks don’t cover my entire face or the cutouts for the nose, lips, and eyes don’t line up with my facial features. Of course, everyone’s face is different, but I found that this sheet mask is large enough to cover my entire face (with a little bit extra left, I might add!) and the cutouts matched fairly well with my facial features.


Pre-patting! This is my face right after removing the sheet mask. You can see the serum on my skin.


Post-patting! I found that the serum never fully sank into the skin even after patting in the excess. There was a constant layer of stickiness and wetness left on the skin.

Final verdict: The Skinfood Thermal Water Mask Sheet is a nice, soothing sheet mask for when you just want a quick and relaxing at-home spa-like experience. It does give a nice cooling effect as most sheet masks do. My skin did feel a bit smoother afterwards, but that’s about it. It’s worth a try though!

Happy Face Mask Friday, everyone!