October 2016 Favorites

Can you believe it? It’s the end of October! Crazy how time flies, right? Guess it’s time for another monthly favorites!


My first favorite of the month is a lip combination that I have been really loving. Using Etude House’s Dear Darling Water Tint in the shade Orange Ade as a base color, I top it off by lightly dabbing Stila’s Nude Interlude Color Balm in the shade Elyssa. I love the dark, just bitten, stained look it gives to the lips. I look forward to using this combination throughout the fall and festive season!


A product I’ve been enjoying is the J.one Jelly Pack. This cosmetics line was developed by the famous South Korean actress Ha Ji Won. The J.One Jelly Pack is a thick moisturizer that is soaked up easily by the skin, which is great for what I used it for. The Jelly Pack is originally intended for use on the face, but I used it for my neck. My neck has been quite dry, but if I use a regular moisturizer, it doesn’t quite soak up all the way, causing the dry skin to become itchy. Since the J.one Jelly Pack soaks up all the way, it doesn’t do that.


The next two products are eyeshadow palettes from the brand Ciaté London. These two palettes, the smokey suedes palette (left) and the smoldering eye palette (right), were in collaboration with Olivia Palermo. I really like the formula of these powder shadows as they are very buttery. I remember first swatching these and thinking about how many people have said that the Urban Decay eyeshadows are very buttery and how I didn’t think buttery was the right word. Sure, the Urban Decay shadows are great, but these Ciaté London ones really hit the mark. They are super pigmented, smooth, and blend easily. I think I’ll be using the smokey suedes more often than the smoldering eye colors, but both palettes have beautiful colors especially for the festive season coming up.


Last, but not least, is a Marc Jacobs fragrance set. Aren’t these two Daisy minis so adorable? I even picked up another one a couple days ago to give to a friend for Christmas.

Well, that’s all for my favorites this month. What are some of yours?

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