Fresh Rose Face Mask Review

Hello! How’s everybody celebrating their Friday? Last week was super busy for me so I apologize for missing out on a Face Mask Friday, but to make for it, I have a different kind of face mask today. We’ve been doing sheet masks for a couple of weeks so I thought I’d try something different. This week’s face mask is the Rose Face Mask from Fresh.


The full size of this product is 100 mL priced at $62, but this is actually a deluxe sample size of 15 mL from Sephora’s Beauty Insider birthday gift. If you’ve never heard of Sephora’s Beauty Insider program, it’s basically a free program you can register for in stores or online where you accumulate points (one point for every dollar spent) which you can spend towards product rewards, get access to special sales, and also get a free gift set every year on your birthday. If you receive your birthday gift in stores, you don’t even have to purchase anything – just head to the cashier and ask for your birthday gift! It’s a great program, and I definitely recommend everyone signing up for it!


The Fresh Rose Face Mask has a gelatinous texture and contains pieces of rose petals. It gives off a light, fresh rose scent exactly like the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, which also came in the Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift set. This mask is said to be infused with real rose petals, hydrating, and also toning.


Alright! Let’s kick this off then! Below is my freshly washed, bare face.


I applied the mask using clean fingers, spreading a thin, even coat over the entirety of my face. The mask felt pleasantly cooling, which was an unexpected touch. It dried down to a slightly sticky consistency. For those of you wondering about the scent, I didn’t really notice it when it was on the face.


Following instructions, I rinsed off the mask after ten minutes. Instructions call for five to ten minutes, but if you’ve read my previous Face Mask Friday posts, you’ll know that I like to keep masks on for the longer end of the time frame (except for this one mask that I wanted to remove as soon as possible, which you can read about here).


My thoughts: I really like this mask! There is definitely a reason why this mask costs way more than the other masks I have tried. It made my skin softer and more radiant. I could be wrong, but I think this also made my pores appear slightly less visible. It definitely felt luxurious as well! The mask was easy to rinse off, and the whole procedure took a lot less time than a normal sheet mask would. Although it is a little on the pricey end, I would recommend this mask if you can afford it. The whole experience was quite luxurious. The mask definitely lives up to the company’s name Fresh as I do think the radiance it gives my face makes it look, well, quite fresh!

That’s all for this week’s Face Mask Friday! Hope you enjoyed it, and see you next time! Bye~

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