Skinfood Everyday Yogurt Facial Mask Sheet Review

Hello friends! How are you all doing? It’s finally Friday, and you already know what that means: Face Mask Friday! Today, I’ll be reviewing another mask from Skinfood. The last face mask I reviewed from Skinfood wasn’t my favorite mask, but let’s see if this one is any better. Shall we move along with the review?

Today’s face mask of the week is from Skinfood’s Superfoods in the World’s Famous Magazine. Basically, the sheet mask line features a specific ingredient that is widely known for its beautifying properties in each of its different face mask. Yogurt is known for its mild exfoliating properties due to the lactic acid that dissolves dead skin cells. It is also known to moisturize, help with acne and premature aging, relieve sunburn, and also even out skin tone. Skinfood claims that this mask “moisturizes and rejuvenates skin with its soft, creamy texture.” Let’s put on the mask and find out!


As I took the mask out of the packet, the first thing I noticed was that the fabric has a design on it. Neat! It was also thicker than any other sheet mask I’ve tried so I was really anticipating testing it out.


Sadly, the extra thickness of the mask adds to the difficulty of having it stick onto the face. The edges of the mask didn’t stick on as well as other masks. Also, I think it’s important to note that the mask was quite uncomfortable. After only three minutes, I wanted to remove the mask. I repeatedly kept staring at the clock, awaiting that glorious moment the clock would hit at the ten minute mark when I could finally remove the mask as the directions said to keep the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes. Keep in mind that I am a girl who likes to keep face masks on for the longer end of the spectrum. I usually enjoy keeping on face masks for as long as possible, but this one I just wanted to peel off from my skin right away. It wasn’t because the serum caused any irritation to my skin (rather, it was quite gentle unlike the last Skinfood mask I reviewed) but because the sheet mask itself was so thick and uncomfortable.


At long last, I was finally able to take off the mask and pat the serum into my skin. It didn’t soak up immediately even after patting, and four hours later as I am typing this, I can still say that it doesn’t soak up all the way. The skin does take in more moisture as time goes by, but even now, there is still a slight layer on my skin. I will say, however, that immediately my skin felt less textured. If you’ve read my previous Face Mask Friday series posts, you’ll know that I’ve been having issues with micro texture on my skin. This did help smooth things down a lot. If there’s one thing that Skinfood does really well, it is smoothing out the skin. I love their moisturizing products a lot!

Smell that? Smells like freedom.

All in all, I think this is a super gentle mask that even those with sensitive skin will enjoy; however, I’d recommend that either use the mask as you are lying down in bed or forgo the sheet mask and use the serum in and of itself. Don’t forget to scoop up the extra serum on the sides of the packet too! Oh, and if you’re wondering if this mask has a scent, it smells like the Murad mattifying lotion (not too detectable on the face, however!).

Thanks for tuning in for another Face Mask Friday! If you’d like to be notified on the next update, don’t forget to like and follow! See you all in the next one! Bye~

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