Tonymoly I’m Real Avocado Nutrition Mask Sheet Review

Hey there! Sorry for the late Face Mask Friday. I just got off work about 15 minutes ago, and now I’m back home typing at lightning speed trying to post a Face Mask Friday. It is currently 11:19 P.M. local time, I have my face mask on, let’s do this!

The big question of the night: will I be able to post on time? I don’t know. Let’s keep reading to find out!

On a side note, please excuse the crazy hair situation that is going on.

Today’s face mask is another sheet mask, but this one is from the Korean brand Tonymoly. Tonymoly is a popular Korean cosmetics brand that is also sold in stores such as Urban Outfitters and Sephora. Of course, I think their prices are ridiculous considering they sell it for about $3.50, whereas in Korea, I can purchase one for an equivalent of around 80 cents, sometimes even cheaper when there’s a sale (which is a lot of times). But economics, you know? Supply and demand, etc. I’m sure it’s due to the importing costs that make the price higher. I’m honestly pretty happy that more and more people are getting to know and have access to these Korean brands though. It’s kind of neat. Anyways, enough rambling. I’m running out of time!


For me personally, I love sheet masks with a pleasant scent, and this avocado mask from Tonymoly did not disappoint! The mask has a light scent of crisp, clean laundry. Upon applying it to my face, there is an instant cooling feeling as with a lot of other face masks. It feels rather refreshing, whereas last week’s face mask felt like a burning sensation (read more about it here!). I didn’t mind the burning sensation too much when I was reviewing the product (as you can tell by reading the review), but now that I’m experiencing this mask, I actually think that the Jeju Tangerine mask from Skinfood was not a pleasant experience. Maybe it was alright on its own, but compared to the Tonymoly face mask I have on right now, Tonymoly has hit it out of the park.


Ok, so it’s currently 11:48 P.M., which means I’ve had the mask on between 20 to 30 minutes as the instructions say. Let’s take it off and see if there’s an immediate visible difference.

Sans mask before patting in the serum
Post patting

It is currently 11:59 P.M. so I’ll just wrap things up here. Oh no! It just hit midnight! Ah, well, at least we tried. Good job team! Well, I’ll continue to wrap this Face Mask Friday up and call it a night. My final thoughts: I love the scent and the cool, refreshing feeling. I did compare it to last week’s mask in terms of how it felt on the skin, but I will give the Skinfood mask this: I think that although it was a bit harsher on the skin, the end result was that the Skinfood mask did leave my skin a lot more suppler than the Tonymoly mask. However, I do feel that the Tonymoly mask also leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple. Plus, the overall feel and olfactory experience sealed the deal for me. All in all, I definitely recommend the Tonymoly I’m Real Avocado Nutrition Mask Sheet!

Well, that’s it for tonight folks. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Face Mask Fridays… err, Saturday. Hope you enjoyed this review, and I hope to see you all again for another face mask review next week! Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Tonymoly I’m Real Avocado Nutrition Mask Sheet Review

    1. For sure! I remember when my only options were to either buy directly in Korea, pay a ridiculous amount of shipping, or risk buying counterfeits. I’m definitely stocking up when I go to Korea in a few weeks!


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