Skinfood Jeju Tangerine Sheet Mask Review

Hey there! It’s time for another Face Mask Friday! Today’s face mask of the week is from Skinfood’s Beauty in a Food Mask collection.


Basic package design, but sometimes simplicity is good too, right?


This is the back of the sheet mask package. With instructions in both Korean and English, it’s user friendly for both Korean and English readers.


Here’s a picture of my face pre-mask. I’ve been having trouble with texture on my skin and with dry patches around my mouth. Woe is me.


The instructions said to use a toner before using the mask, so that’s exactly what I did! I just used my basic Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner. I really love the scent of this toner!


I thought the mask caused a burning sensation on my skin at first, but after a short while, the mask felt instantly cooling rather than burning. It actually felt ice cold and I’m sure it would be even better if I used it during the summer! Also, for those of you wondering on the intensity of the scent, I could smell the Jeju tangerine when I take a whiff of the serum in the package, but I couldn’t detect the scent when I applied the mask to my face. Great news for those who aren’t into scented beauty products!


My only gripe is that the nose part of the sheet mask wasn’t long enough. Maybe I just have a big nose?


After about 20 minutes I removed the mask and lightly patted in the serum.




Here’s my face after washing my face with cleansing foam. Not sure if you can tell from the photos, but my skin feels supple and hydrated. A lot of the texture on my face is gone too! The dry patches around my mouth feel moisturized too. Maybe it’s just placebo effect, but I also think my skin is brighter too, which is great because that’s just the Jeju tangerine mask claimed to do! Maybe this mask isn’t for sensitive skin because of the initial burning sensation and the intense coldness, but if you don’t have sensitive skin, I think it’s a fun mask to try out!

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