Etude House Tint My Brows Gel Review

Hello there! I’ll be sharing my review of the Etude House Tint My Brows Gel with you all in this post. I ordered this off of Memebox a while back (I have a post on my Memebox haul here). My hair is black from the roots but brown halfway down to the ends so I got shade #3 gray brown. There is a total of three different shades in the product line which are brown, light brown, and gray brown. The package also comes with English instructions and tips for those of you who don’t read Korean (Etude House is a Korean brand).


In the picture below, you can see my brows without any product on them. My brow hairs are long and thick. They aren’t too sparse, but a little extra color wouldn’t hurt. Plus, to be honest, my brows aren’t even so they need a little help.


The product comes with an applicator that is reminiscent of a liquid eyeliner brush. The product itself is very gooey and thick. Due to the consistency of the product, it may be hard to apply it at first, but don’t worry – it is very forgiving.


Here I am with the product on the brows! As you can see, it is very thick and pigmented. The product takes around two hours to fully dry, but it is suggested that you apply it right before going to bed and removing the next morning if you desire a stronger color deposit. I did just that. I applied before going to bed and took it off about five hours later. I usually sleep longer than that, but I think I was too excited to see the final result and share with you all that I woke up!


After at least two hours, you can finally remove the dried gel! The removal process is unique in that you just peel it right off. If you read my Memebox haul post, you might remember that I wrote about which side to remove the product from. I read the instructions after posting that haul and it said to remove from the head of the brow and not the tail, but the picture on the box shows the removal process starting from the tail. I tested out if the two make a difference, and from my personal experience, I found that less brow hairs came out when I peeled starting from the tail. That’s not to say a lot of brow hairs came off or that it was painful, however.


In the following picture, you might be horrified by the peeled off product. It looks like a lot of brow hairs were pulled out, but that’s just the product that peeled off from the eyebrow hairs, making it look like the hairs without actually having pulled the hairs out. I will mention, however, that one or two brow hairs did pull out, but that may be a personal case as my brow hairs are long, thick, and tend to fall out fairly easily.

Peeled off product
Here’s the result after peeling off the dried product! Looks pretty good, right? My brows look full but still natural at the same time. As I mentioned before, the product is really forgiving so don’t stress too much about making your brows look perfectly even. It might look like a huge difference when you first apply it because of the harsh edges, but the edges will soften out when you peel off!


Here are my brows after washing my face with foam cleanser in the morning! You can see more of the brown tint here. Brows still look good!


The picture below was taken after sweating it out with a personal trainer at the gym and coming home to take a shower. As you can see, the tint lasted through wiping the sweat off my brows at the gym and also through foam cleanser in the shower.


Here are the before and after comparison pictures. My brows look bushier in the before picture, but all I did was apply the product. No extra trimming or plucking. Ah, the magic of brow filling!


Now, for the final verdict:
Will I continue using this product? Yes. Will this be the perfect one product brow wonder? No.

While the longevity of the tint is great and I do think that the final result is very nice and natural-looking, I don’t think this will serve as the perfect brow product that makes me think that I don’t need to ever purchase any other product. There are some days when I want a little bit more of a defined and structured brow. With that said, I do think that I will continue to use it though, especially during those hot summer days when I don’t want to deal with checking up on my makeup to see if it is still in place. I do think that this is a great product worth checking out!

If you’d like to check the Etude House Tint My Brows Gel out, I have a 20% off affiliate discount link you can use to save on your order from Memebox:

If you do try it out, let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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