Three Fourths Shop & Haul

Hey there! Long time no blog! Sorry for the hiatus, but I’m back!

Today, my friend Tim drove my other friend Kyle and I to Arden Fair Mall. Tim needed to get his MacBook repaired, but since he was going to the Apple Store in the Mall anyways, why not bring some of his friends along, right? Originally, the plan was four of us going, but one had a last minute request from someone to take her to Napa for an event so she could not make it (hence the title “Three Fourths”). It was just the three of us, so we did her the favor of vlogging all the fun we had and that she missed out on (you’re welcome Zoilyn /insert winking face here). From Tim’s freestyle bar spitting in the car to the ever so magical Disney Store, we made sure to capture it all on Snapchat (if you’d like to follow my daily adventures on snapchat, my username is Lk891219).


We have arrived at Arden Fair Mall! Thanks Tim for always being the chauffeur!


Bought Coldstone for my two favorite guy friends! Tim’s favorite at Coldstone is called “Our Strawberry Blonde” so that’s what we got.


Tim’s family wanted him to bring home Cinnabon cinnamon rolls so here we are!

And now, a quick haul:


Bath and Body Works was having their semiannual sale event going on so you already know Mama got her hands on these. I got four of the fine fragrance mists, one body lotion, and three shower gels

Fine fragrance mist:

  • Mahogany teakwood
  • Golden magnolia sun
  • Pink lemonade fizz
  • Iced coconut coolada

Body lotion:

  • Mahogany teakwood

Shower gel:

  • Mahogany teakwood
  • Marshmallow pumpkin latte
  • Beach breeze

I got the pink lemonade fizz fine fragrance to match the pink lemonade fizz gel lotion I already have at home. Marshmallow pumpkin latte is one of my favorite fall time scents so I figured I would get the shower gel while it was on sale. I couldn’t find the matching products for this other scent I have at home in the lotion form so I got the beach breeze shower gel which comes from the same product launch line to complement it. As for the mahogany teakwood and golden magnolia sun products, I just wanted to try something new.


I also bought two candles at Bath and Body Works. Since the semiannual sale was going on, these candles were $12 each. The scents I picked up were mocha latte swirl and heirloom pumpkin. My mom wanted a coffee scent to burn in the kitchen so I got that one for her, while I got the pumpkin scent for myself. The pumpkin scent is a little too strong, but I think when lit the scent of nutmeg will diffuse and smell lovely during the holiday seasons.


Last but not least, I bought eight nail polishes from Urban Outfitters. Not many people talk about the nail polishes from the UO line, but these are my favorite polishes. While the line may not be as vast as those from companies that solely focus on nail polishes, I think Urban Outfitters has a great selection of colors. The colors I picked up from top left to bottom right are as follows:

  • Blue shark
  • Bluette
  • Dreamy
  • Jane
  • Marsala
  • Gotta have it
  • Sweet haze
  • Evil eye

Maybe I’ll do an Urban Outfitters nail polish swatch post one day.

Thanks for reading this quick post! Bye~

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