I Love Airplanes


Those of you who personally know me know I really like airplanes rides. Maybe it’s because I don’t fly often so I view it was a treat, but I really like it.


I flew economy class on Asiana Airlines from San Francisco Airport to Incheon Airport. The flight was about 12 hours. There was surprising a lot more legroom than I expected. There were charging ports located on the seats, and that was definitely a plus to my flight experience. Have to have my electronics up and running! The entertainment provided on the airplane was also great. I managed to pass the time by playing Sudoku and Tetris, and watching movies such as Insurgent and Monsters University.

Now, one thing that might surprise you is that I actually really enjoy airplane food. I know; cue the airplane food jokes. Where’s the beef? In all honesty though, I think airplane food is pretty tasty.

The airline stewardesses handed out a menu card as soon as we took off. Drinks were written down on one side; meals on the other.

Here is a list of the drinks:
-juice: orange, apple, tomato, pineapple
-soda: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet 7up, ginger ale
-coffee: regular, decaffeinated
-tea: green, black, Ginseng, jasmine
-alcohol: red wine, white wine, whisky, gin, vodka, cognac, assorted beers, makgeolli (traditional Korean rice wine)
-Pocari Sweat

If you know me, you know I love pineapples. I asked for pineapple juice and munched on the snacks they gave us as well.


The snacks included pretzels, crackers, and roasted peanuts.


There were two options during eat meal to suit different tastes.

-Grilled beef tenderloin steak with red wine sauce
-smoked ham with pasta, olive, lettuce, and tomato
-steamed string beans and carrots
-mashed potatoes
-vanilla cream cake
-bread roll and butter

-bibimbap (Steamed rice, various vegetables, minced beef, and red pepper paste)
-fresh fruits
-bread roll and butter

Each meal also comes with an additional drink of choice from the drink menu above.

I figured I could eat bibimbap during my stay in South Korea so I opted for the western style. I love seeing Americans opting for the Korean meal because I love seeing people try foods from different cultures. I love seeing people appreciate the different cultures around the world.

I also found it cool how the Sprite can was written in Korean.


Between the meals, the stewardesses handed out ham and cheese sandwiches. Another great thing is that the stewardesses walked down the aisles several times with tray of drinks to ensure that we weren’t thirsty. I grabbed a cup of Coke to drink with my sandwich.


The second meal was eaten about two hours before Landing. Again, there were two options to satisfy different tastes.

Option one:
-teriyaki chicken thigh with steamed rice, broccoli, and carrots

Option two:
-penne pasta with bolognese sauce

Both options came with a bread roll, butter, fresh fruits, crabmeat salad with lettuce and tomato, and drink of choice. I got apple juice this time.

I think it’s great that the cutlery is actual silverware and the bowls aren’t made of paper.

After about 12 hours of soaring through the skies, we finally landed at Incheon Airport! My first thought as I exited the plane: Korea’s humidity game is definitely strong.




Airports are so aesthetically pleasing.

Ended the day with a beautiful sunset glow!


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